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Wishing Others Well (WOW) is all about helping people turn their lifestyles from being reactive into becoming proactive individuals. What does that mean? With a pro-active attitude, you will finally be able to unlock your full potential and finally live the life you deserve!

WOW is the brainchild of passionate speaker, author, facilitator and holistic life coach Karel Glazer, who set out to help her clients achieve awareness about themselves and their true goals. Her forward-thinking Wishing Others Wells is a true wow-factor within the self-improvement scene (yes, pun intended!) as it focuses on achieving change and improvement without judgment, but by becoming truly proactive and developing freedom of choice.

Her books include titles such as “Mastering The Change”, as well as upcoming numbers the likes of “From Conflict to Freedom”.

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Karel Glazer

About Karel Glazer

I am a certified life coach, speaker and author specializing in transitions, relationships and personal growth. I established LifeMasters in 2014 and believes that every change is opportunity. I have worked with organizations for many years and with individuals for over twenty years. The challenges I faced led me to a career as a hoistic life coach and is a member of the International Association of Professional Life Coaches, the Israeli Coaching Association and European Mentoring and Coaching Council. Books: "Master the Change" is in the process of being published and "Living with PRIDE" is in the editing stage. LifeMasters strives to install simple and effective processes for individuals, groups, and organizations. LifeMasters's core strategy is to lead individuals, groups and organizations to develop communication to achieve real breakthroughs focused on innovative thinking to achieve problem solving skills while simultaneously educating for change. Educating for change inspires new transitions in thoughts and changing paradigms.