Kevin’s Planetary Guide for June to August 2010

Kevin's Birthday Poems


You are like the wind creating a lovely breeze
Attracting a diverse group of friends with ease
Time for you to announce your hopes and wishes
Knowing that they will make your life delicious
Express your favorite feelings from the start
Following the deepest desires of your heart
Stay focus on what matters most to you
Creating Dreams that will certainly come true


You are the full Moon on a summer night
Creating happiness- making lovers bright
Your many phases control the seas
While your passion flows like the breeze
Emotions so deep your heart can not hold
You hide your feelings but they shine like gold
One man’s loss is another man’s pleasure
You are truly a man’s chosen treasure


Jupiter’s rays will shine so brightly
Leo's heart will expand so delightly
Your roller coaster is full – the fun has begun
Capture the moment under the Leo sun
You're a lover, a fighter and a ballroom dancer
Let your love explode when it comes from CANCER
With the mighty magical Sun shinning on you
There will never be rain to make you  forever blue

Gemini (May 22 to June 22) Happy Birthday- In June Mars moves into your fourth house of family and roots, so be prepared for extra activity on the home front.  With Uranus in you eleventh house of hopes and wishes in July, some unpredictable people who come into your life bring you surprises that change your life.  In August having Venus in the fifth house of romance heats up your love life to your liking.

Cancer (June 21 to July 22) Happy Birthday- In June having Jupiter in your tenth house of work, your career takes on some positive energy as it expands for the better for you.  Venus enters your third house of communication in July, so write those love emails, letters, songs and poems to that special person. In August with Uranus in your ninth house of  travel, you find out the truth to your dismay about someone while on a trip.

Leo (July 23 to August 23) Happy Birthday- In June having Jupiter and Uranus in your ninth of higher education and distant travel, an opportunity for a journey suddenly appears in which you expand your learning. With Mercury in your twelfth house of endings in July, you may finally just talk yourself out of a relationship that has been on the back burner for weeks. When Uranus retrogrades back into your eighth house of shared resources in August, you encounter some financial surprises in connection with a mate or ex-mate.

Virgo (August 22 to September 22) In June when Jupiter enters your eighth house of intimacy and transformation, you gain happily in relationships both personally and professionally. With Venus in your first house of self in July focus on improving your appearance and everyone notices how great you look. Mars is in your second house of resources in August; you have the energy and know how to boost your money earning power.

Libra (September 23 to October 23) In June with Mars in your twelfth house of imagination deal with issues from the past in a realistic manner and it will change your life.  With Mercury in your tenth of career in July encourages you to speak your mind but you  just want to avoid confrontation.  In August Venus enters your first house of self making you feel definitely more attractive so enjoy the invitations to have fun with friends and lovers.

Scorpio (October 24 to November 22) In June when Mars moves into your tenth of work , career pressures will increase due to extra responsibilities on the job.  Saturn enters your twelfth house of endings in July, so eliminate the negativity of others in your life.  Mercury retrogrades in your eleventh house of house of hopes and wishes in August watch what you say to friends because it results in faulty communication to your disadvantage.

Sagittarius (November 23 to December 21) In June having Jupiter in your fifth house of romance light up your heart to a new love or many new loves.  Venus in your tenth house of work in July enhances you social skills and increases your effectiveness on the job. Mars in your eleventh house of hopes and wishes in August gets you ready for summer fun with a group of eclectic friends.

Capricorn (December 22 to January 20) In June when Venus enters your eighth house of intimacy be ready for some loving experiences in your private life.  Having the eclipse in your seventh house of partners in July, an unexpected end to a long relationship will have you wondering about the future.  In August Mars in your eleventh house of friends watch giving the incorrect message especially with Mercury retrograde.

Aquarius (January 21 to February 18) In June Jupiter moves into your third house of information; you expand your thinking and communication with others.  Venus enters your eighth house of shared resources in July; you can benefit from someone else's money. With Mars in your ninth house of higher education in August sign up for those advanced courses you have been wanting to take for such a long time.

Pisces (February 19 to March 21) In June Jupiter enters your second house of resources bringing big time money ideas which increases your income.  Venus is in your seventh house of partners in July; you can improve a current relationship or find an exciting new one.  When Uranus moves back to  your first house of self in August, you get another opportunity to get rid of the past and create a new exciting you.

Aries (March 22 to April 20) In June having Mars in sixth house of work and routines, you have more deadlines and pressures on the work front.  Saturn returns to the seventh house of partners in July giving you the time and know how to strengthen a special relationship.  Uranus backs into  your twelfth house of endings in August so don't be surprised with a sudden departure of someone from your secret past.

Taurus (April 21- May 21) In June having Saturn back in your fifth house of romance, you feel comfortable with the responsibilities love demands from you. Mercury moves in the fourth house of roots in July, so think before you communicate all kinds of thoughts from your heart to family members. Venus in your sixth house of employment in August brings pleasure on the job and good times with co-workers.

Always read your rising sign first if you know it. Then read your sun sign. The combination of rising sign and sun sign will give you an accurate forecast. This is what each house rules.  When a planet is in your first house it rules your self,etc.

The First House rules the personality, natural disposition, tendencies, self-interest, and how an individual looks at the world in general.

The Second House rules financial affairs, monetary prospects, possessions, gain or loss according to the nature of the planets placed within the house and how the ruler of this house is aspected. Also rules qualities a person admires and respects in himself and/or others, self-worth, and self-esteem.

The Third House rules short trips, writings, studies, mental inclinations and ability. It represents your world as it is in known to you in your everyday life, including that which you do basically on autopilot through the day. Routine tasks, unconscious thought. Also refers to childhood and grammar school. Also shows relationships with siblings and communication style.

The Fourth House represents the nurturing parent, home, enviroment, domestic affairs, and general condition at the end of life. Also rules the outlook regarding lands, property, and the result of undertakings with respect to these. Also represents the emotional warehouse of memories from which one operates subconsciously.

The Fifth House represents children, love affairs, pleasurable emotions, and speculation. This is the house that's reserved for the playful side of an individual, and includes hobbies, interests, and joy.

The Sixth house focuses on sickness, employees, service, work, work environment, food, hygiene, clothing, and small animals or pets. It's the rhythm of day-to-day life for an individual.

The Seventh house rules unions, partnerships, marriage, contracts, lawsuits, open enemies, dealings with others and the public in general. This is the house that focuses on how an individual relates on a one-to-one basis with those around him, especially those close to him.

The Eighth house rules legacies, death, and all matters connected with the dead and astral experiences. Also rules financial affairs of the partner being the second house of the partner (the Seventh House). This house shows how an individual will deal with crises and emergencies, agony and ecstasy, sex, death, and all manners of mergings. It can also hold information regarding surgeries, pschyotherapy, and the manner in which we "bounce back" after loss or illness.

The Ninth house deals with long journeys, places remote from birth, dreams, visions, psychic experiences, education, intuition and higher development as well as scientific, philanthropic, philosophic, and spiritual tendencies. It also can clarify an individual's relationship to a brother- or sister-in-law, being the third house from the partner's own house (the Seventh House).

The Tenth House rules profession, career, honor, fame, social status, promotion, the employer, affairs of the country or government. It also governs the relationship with the individual's mother. This house describes the individual's vocation, his life's work.

The Eleventh House rules friends, associations, hopes and wishes, and the financial condition of the employer. This house is concerned with groups, especially peer groups. It shows what kinds of groups an individual will be pulled towards, the type of people that will be considered "kindred souls," and how an individual will act in group situations. It also shows the types of causes and social activities that will be most important to the individual.

The Twelfth House rules unseen or unexpected troubles, restraint, limitations, seclusion, isolation, secret sorrows, silent suffering, self-recriminations, secret enemies, hospitals, and the occult or hidden side of life. This house will give an idea of what makes of the individual's "shadow self," that is, the thoughts and behaviors the individual tries hardest to keep hidden, stifly, avoid, or deny both to himself but especially in public. It is also very concerned with fantasy, illusion, and role playing.

Placement Notes:
Traditional astrologers will assign the Father to the Fourth House and the Mother to the Tenth House. Some astrologers today will reverse this order while others still assign the parent of the same sex to the Fourth House and the parent of the opposite sex to the Tenth House. Many, however, now believe that the parent who plays the more emotional and nurturing role should be placed in the Fourth House, while the more authoritarian, financially-supportive parent should be placed in the Tenth House.

Identity scopes are not general newspaper type but ones with actual research for placement of planets in the sun sign and if you know your rising sign even better because you get both) and their influences.

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