Kevin’s Planetary Guide for September to December 2010

Kevin's Birthday Poems

With Saturn departing and your heart so bright
Time for you to spread your love some light
Restriction on pleasure  as you were held to the stone
Now Spreading your wings and Soaring on your own
Life's pleasure and love are yours for the taking
Now that Saturn no longer restricts your love making
This is the time to give yourself some space
Since you have been in an imagery race
Just present yourself with elegant style
Showing the world Virgo's rejoicing smile

Your romantic passion shines so brightly
With Venus and Mars conducting so rightly
You never have trouble finding your source
Follow your mind to be on the chosen course
When the storms of love swirl around you with desire
You will soon understand who you truly admire
The time is great to express all your passion
For the energy of love flows freely not crashing

When Venus embraces your Scorpio sun   
Love and Romance fill your plate with fun   
Passion grows stronger each and every day
Concentrate on work- Never-You Play
Venus in Scorpio- let the pleasures begin
All the attractions will begin without  sin
Attractive energy will grow as well as it should
With Mars in Scorpio no one is safe in the hood
Passion will flow with these two Planets around
One can feel your Thunder when You are in Town


YOUR 3 MONTH OUTLOOK (the description of the houses are below)


Virgo (August 223 to September 22) Happy Birthday- In September when Mercury goes direct on the twelfth in your first house of self start a self-improvement project by eating properly and working out, even if it is walking.

In October with Mars in you third house of short trips, you will enjoy local adventures especially to out-door events.  Venus retrogrades into the second house of money from November 7 to 18, so reexamine your resources and make those necessary changes.
Libra (September 23 to October 23) Happy Birthday- In September Jupiter is in your sixth house of work and services, which gives you an opportunity to free yourself from restrictions so that your daily routine improves to your liking.  Mercury in the first house self in October has you speaking clearly about what you want and don't want.  Having Mars in the third house of everyday life and environment in November, you may think you are joking but what you say may hurt the feelings of others.
Scorpio (October 23 to November 22) Happy Birthday- In September having Venus in the first house of personality, you receive so many compliments that you know you are the popular one.  When Mars joins Venus in October in first house of self, it is the right time to make those passionate decisions and proceed ahead towards your goals.  In November Jupiter goes direct in your fifth house of pleasurable emotions giving you more confidence in romance, creative pursuits and even some gambling.
Sagittarius (November 23 to December 21) In September when Venus enters your twelfth house of secret thoughts, you day dream about long lost lovers.  Jupiter is retrograde in you fourth house of home, so expect delays in undertakings regarding land and property.  Mars moves into the first house of self in November and your personality becomes charismatic, influencing yourself and others to make big changes for the better.
Capricorn ( December 22 to January 19) In September Saturn in your tenth house of career and social status encourages you  to develop skills, for your mind is focused on the highest of aspirations.  In October when Venus turns retrograde in your eleventh house of friends, you will have opportunities to reunite with old friends and colleagues.  Mercury enters your twelfth house of secrets in November, so be careful how much you may give away of strictly confidential information.
Aquarius ( January 20 to February 18) In September when Mercury goes direct in your eighth of legacies and partner's money, you will become very busy getting financial information concerning vested accounts and taxes. In October having Uranus retrograde in your second house of financial affairs avoid being overconfident and irrational in spending because you may get unexpected news about your cash flow.  Mars is in your eleventh house of hopes and wishes in November, so be aggressive in social situations because you may get what you have been wishing for.

Pisces (February 19 to March 20) In September having Venus and Mars in the ninth house of higher truth, your desire for intimacy is deepen by another sensitive soul.  Uranus continues to be retrograde in your first house of self in October, so continue to reevaluate yourself and make those changes you so desperately need.  Neptune goes direct in your twelfth house of fantasy in November and you receive a vision in a dream that you are ready to implement in your life.
Aries (March 21 to April 20) In September with Saturn in your seventh house of partners, you need to evaluate your current situation by shattering your illusions of someone.  In October Jupiter retrogrades in you twelfth house of secrets; it's time to consider held back decisions you need to make in your personal life.  Mars in your ninth house of distant travel in November has you passionately  thinking about taking a trip to a foreign place for the holidays.
Taurus (April 21 to May 20) In September Jupiter in your eleventh house of hopes and wishes brings new opportunities into your life that you have been dreaming of.  Venus goes retrograde in your seventh house in October, so find ways to increase the depth of emotion in your relationships.  In November Neptune goes direct in your tenth house of career and social status giving you a new found enthusiasm to pursue those professional goals.
Gemini (May 21 to June 20) In September having Mercury retrograde in fourth house of home and security, it is time for you to resolve family issues from the past.  Jupiter goes direct in your tenth house of career in November, which could bring renewed interest and opportunity to get a new job.  In November Venus in the sixth house of health will have you feeling and looking better in your day to day life.
Cancer (June 21 to July 22) In September having Mercury retrograde in your third house of communication and short trips has you frustrated trying to deal with unfinished business.  Venus in your fifth house of creativity in October sends you a new inspiration and you are focused on artistic endeavors.  Mars travels through your sixth house of health in November, which pushes you to take better care of your body so you can enjoy all those activities you have scheduled.
Leo (July 23 to August 22) In September when Mercury goes direct on the twelfth in your second house of finances, it's time to get back money owed to you. In October when Venus goes retrograde in the fourth house of emotional memories, you try to break free but those memories of good times in the past  that continue to haunt you.  In November Mars is direct in your fifth house of love affairs and  you want to have romance and fun, so go for it.

All astrology charts are divided into twelve houses, each one ruling different areas of life and influenced by a different sign.  When planets move through the zodiac signs, they also transit through the houses in a person's chart.  The twelve houses have a connection to the twelve signs, but in an individualized chart the signs in each will vary based on the rising sign or ascendant.  The rising sign is determined by the exact time and place of birth.  If a person does not know his/her rising sign, then the sun sign is used. Check the dates after the sign to find the your sun sign.  In these scopes we use your solar house, which is your sun sign or first house.
List of Houses and Influences:
First House rules appearance, self-interest, personality, personal view of life and the world.
Second House rules finances, possessions, values, and self-esteem.
Third House rules communication, siblings, day to day routines and short trips.
Fourth House rules home, environment, land, property, family, roots and conditions at the end of life.
Fifth House rules love affairs, pleasurable emotions, romance, creativity and children.
Sixth House rules work environment, health, sickness and small animals or pets.
Seventh House rules business partners, marriage, relationships, contracts, lawsuits and known enemies.
Eighth House rules intimacy, death, legacies, sex, and shared resources.
Ninth House rules higher education, travel. intuition, dreams, spiritualism and philosophy.
Tenth House rules career, ambition, social status, life's work and public reputation.
Eleventh House rules hopes and wishes, friends, groups and associations.
Twelfth House rules secret activities and enemies, unexpected troubles, subconscious feelings, hospitals, prisons, illusions and seclusion.

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