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Entrepreneur Granting 30 Wishes for Her 30th Birthday

Reaching 1,025 FaceBook Fans by 10/25/10 Will Help Grant Meaningful Wishes for 
Children through One Simple Wish Charity

Morris County, NJ – Susan Vernicek, Owner of S&J Identity, Inc. is running a 30 Wishes campaign via social media. Her goal is to reach 1,025 FaceBook fans by 10/25/10, which is her 30th birthday. If all current and new fans donate $5 to the non-profit One Simple Wish, Susan will be able to grant 30 wishes for children and families in need.

“I donate a percentage of my advertising sales to One Simple Wish, and I wanted to do something more to help this worthwhile charity,” said Vernicek. “In the past my birthday has always been all about me, but this year I wanted it to be about others.”

Vernicek is the founder of Identity, an online magazine that empowers women to Accept. Appreciate. Achieve.™. Identity is meant to inspire, uplift, and motivate women to accept and appreciate themselves, flaws and all, as well as recognize their achievements in life.

“In creating Identity I’ve re-prioritized many things in my life and giving back to others is one of those things I want to do more of,” said Vernicek. “What better time in my life than when I turn 30 and embark on a new chapter in my life.” One Simple Wish is a non-profit that grants wishes, big and small, for needy children and families. Wishes range from sending a child to camp for a week to buying a backpack. Vernicek hopes to be able to make 30 of those wishes come true with the help of her Facebook fans, Twitter followers, and of course her readers. She will also donate some of her money to accommodate those 30 wishes.

Vernicek encourages Facebookers to become a fan of Identity at www.facebook.com/identitymagazine to donate to her 30 Wishes campaign at www.onesimplewish.org/30for30.

About Identity Identity, www.identitymagazine.net, is a unique and empowering online magazine that was created not only for the average woman, but for that unique woman within each of us. We are all individual in our thoughts, interests, beliefs, and experiences. Each of us harbors our own fears, doubts, questions, and insecurities. That’s why we bring you a positive and safe place to turn for information, inspiration, support, sharing, and “permission” to just be who you are.

About One Simple Wish One Simple Wish is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization dedicated to granting simple wishes to foster children, at-risk youth, and impoverished families.  Through the website www.onesimplewish.org donors can browse through hundreds of wishes posted on behalf of these individuals and select a specific wish to grant.  Wishes range in value from $5 – $100, making wish granting simple and affordable.  As of January 2010, One Simple Wish has proudly granted more than 650 wishes to children and families in need. For more information about One Simple Wish; to grant a wish; to volunteer; or to recommend an organization for possible inclusion in OSW’s registry of participating nonprofits, please visit   www.onesimplewish.org or call 609-883-8484.

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