It’s the Little Things – December

In this day and age, most of us are too busy to recognize the small things in life that bring us the most happiness. We are too quick to see the negative side of things as opposed to the positive.

This section is dedicated to bringing these otherwise insignificant daily happenings to the forefront with the intentions of encouraging humankind to stop and smell the roses. These little things should not be, but often are taken for granted. Sometimes it’s ok to see the world through slightly rose-tinted glasses. We’d probably all be a lot happier if we did.


My son Matthew has autism, and is going through a stage where he calls people (some that he hardly knows) over and over again. One of his "victims" is the mother of a young man with severe Cerebral Palsy, (He is non-verbal). I ran into her at the grocery store and told her how sorry I was that Matthew called so often. "I don't mind," was her reply, "I would give anything to have that kind of interaction with my son." I realized how much I take Matthew's conversations, however quirky and repetitive, for granted.

 -Laura Shumaker

I used to work 16 hour days at a newspaper. When my daughter turned 5, I left the media to join a start-up that's based on life balance and fulfilling experiences, When I first started being able to pick her up from school, "chaperone" field trips, getting to know a few other moms for play dates, and friendships, it was more than I ever hoped. I should never take for granted that I get to be professionally powerful *AND* "parentally" present. There are so few moms who have that luxury. When she hugs me and tells me all about her day, practically in real time, I feel it. Lucky, lucky, lucky. -Shelagh Braley

Just a few weeks ago my first cousin was diagnosed with breast cancer for the third time. She is four months younger than me and we are both 54 years old. I know I take my health for granted and her diagnosis has reminded me of the importance of annual exams. Women are the care takers of the family and often we are so busy caring for others that we neglect our own health. Each and every day I am trying harder to appreciate my health and to take better care of myself. I hope other women will do the same!

 -Teresa Kindred

I definitely take for granted the number of great people and the positives that are all around me. Instead I tend to find myself concerned and fussing on the negative until I take a step back and get my mind and senses in check. Like most women I am busy working on day to day business and dwelling far too much on the negative people or negative aspects of life rather than the so many positive people and instances that have taken place in my life and around me in general. So it is a good thing to put on the rose colored glasses and see pink for a while instead of nasty gray! 

-Alexis Moore

I often think I take for granted the fact that my children are alive and well. When I send them off to school, it doesn't occur to me to worry about them. 
What I mean by this is that women in the world (Congo, Colombia, etc.) are in constant fear for their children's lives. I take for granted that I can reach over to smooch one of mine at a moments notice. Although I worry that something could happen to my children, (I'm a youngish mom of four little girls), chances are nothing will. I take that for granted far more than I should. That's one of the little, yet, big things I take for granted.

 -Candice Lamb

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