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Dear Crystal,

I travel a lot for work and have a crazy schedule.  What is the most efficient exercise that I can do, or way that I can eat that will help me maintain my weight?  I know that diet and exercise are important, but if I could only do ONE thing, what should it be? – Katie 31, Colorado, DN

Dear Katie,

Honestly, you have to do both.  I understand how a hectic travel load can sabotage your workout and diet plans, but the solution is simple.  Just sit down and formulate a plan and stick to it.  No if, ands, or buts about it. 

One of my favorite tools for travelers is resistance bands. They are light and pack very well, so it makes them the prefect traveler tool. Your local sports store should have them. You can hit every area of the body with resistance bands in the privacy of your hotel room.  There are also lots on books on the market to show you how to use your bands properly. As far as your diet is concerned, how badly do you want the results that you seek? When you arrive at your destination, head out to the local store for fruits, veggies and healthy snacks. And include a couple of bottles of water to keep you well hydrated. Happy trails to you my friend!

Dear Crystal,

What type of cardio exercise is best for apple shapes?  I gain my weight from the waist up and lose it from the waist down.  Are there any types of cardio that would specifically be beneficial to my shape?  I dream of having a flat stomach as well as toned arms, but no matter how much I run, crunch, or lift, I can’t seem tone the arm or tummy fat.  Any suggestions? – Natalie, 28, Torrance, CA.

Dear Natalie,

Fat has a mind of its own. It goes where ever it wants on the body, creating a body that’s disproportioned. If we had a one on one session, I would take a serious look into your eating habits as this is where a lot of causes for not losing weight are discovered.  I would also consider the frequency, intensity and duration of your cardio workouts. I would also add some serious resistance training to improve the balance of your overall physique. Consult with a personal trainer and nutritionist at your local gym to get you one step closer to being happy in your skin.

Dear Crystal,

Is it normal to be in a lot of pain after a workout? – Leilani, 47

Dear Leilani,

Some pain after a workout is normal, but a lot of pain is not.  According to The American Council on Exercise, there are two types of muscle soreness that is associated with exercise.  The first is “Temporary Muscle Fatigue”. This is generally caused by “physiological changes within the working muscle” such as energy depletion or lactic acid build up.  This occurs when the muscle is exercised to a fatigued state.
The second type of soreness is “Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness”. This generally kicks in about 24 to 48 hours after a rigorous exercise session. This is caused by small tears in the muscle tissue and 48 hours of rest is generally enough time for the muscles to repair themselves. If you are experiencing prolonged pain lasting more than 48 hours consult your doctor. However, if the pain is sharp or burning, seek medical attention ASAP!

Dear Crystal,

What is the very best way for women over 40 to keep from getting the “thick in the middle” look? – Ann, 40ish, Little rock, AR.

Dear Ann,

To prevent that “thickness in the middle look,” adopt a healthy lifestyle, if you have not already. As we age our responsibilities change, and time for ourselves becomes limited while taking care of others. Weight gain happens slowly and often goes unchecked until it’s too late. One pound turns into two and so on. Now is the time to become mindful of how you eat and exercise.  This will prevent adding unwanted fat to your waistline, now and into the future. Here’s to staying slender in your 40’s and beyond!



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