Realization That There is Something More

By Joy S. Pedersen, D.D., L.S.H., C.S.H.C.

It is easy to get caught up in the Hollywood lifestyle when living it. After ten years working in television and achieving the top spot at a local television bureau, the realization that there is something more permeates. Although the lifestyle was exciting, there was something missing. Already having an interest in the spiritual side of life, I left that lifestyle to explore that aspect to make more of a difference to humanity than just putting celebrities on television. That decision cost me money, time and anguish. It also proved to be the most enlightening and fulfilling experience.

My commitment to make a bigger contribution took me down an unfamiliar path that opened doors unfathomable to me. I have only scratched the surface on what there is to learn walking this path but what I have learned has changed my life as well as the lives of many others. I am now making a difference in the lives of others in the most profound way but it wasn’t easy getting to this place.

The smartest move I made was turning my life over to God and committing to work with Him. He opens doors and gives gifts like no other I’ve seen before. Learning the ability to connect and communicate directly with this most useful Source is remarkable and life changing. When I have a decision to make, I can ask which direction to take. He has also given me tools to clear the path ahead. When I do as He asks, He rewards me in ways the average person may not always recognize.

After working with Him for many years, His angels became steadfast regulars and supporters in my life. They surround me daily and communicate their messages directly to me. I can ask them for specific insights and direction as well as assistance on specific needs and projects.

Archangel Michael is my constant companion, and somewhat operates like the CEO of my life. I also support him in his efforts to communicate messages to help humanity that I now share in a regular blog at Angel Enlightenment.

He also brings me clients to help them release their mindset, karma and past life issues that are effecting their money, business, families, relationships, health and wellbeing. Although I have been doing this spiritual process since 1986, I didn’t expect to be doing it for others and now have an international clientele because of the guidance I receive.

It’s truly remarkable and rewarding to help others but to have the connection to God and angels to incorporate their assistance in my own life has certainly had an impact on it, made it easier, as well as more interesting. Connecting and communicating with heavenly bodies opens a perspective that allows the unseen to be known. They provide insights from a much larger perspective than I have and could have an impact on the outcome of a situation. Because we don’t usually see them or what they do, it is hard to fully recognize what they do but I know from experience there is a difference.

Although I work regularly with them, I sometimes forget to ask for their help. After struggling for hours on a computer project, I couldn’t have found the project going any slower and me any more frustrated. Not thinking angels could help, I didn’t bother asking but the hours this was taking was putting me over the edge. I then asked for Archangel Michael’s help and have no clue on what shifted but my project went easier and was done in no time after that.

Without my realizing the strategy or tactics behind their efforts, I know the angels connect me with just the right people I need for all aspects of my life. I can run names, events and opportunities by God or Archangel Michael and ask who is the right person for personal or business reasons, whether I am supposed to attend a specific event or if I should seize an opportunity. That alone has saved me time and money. Those times I chose to listen to my intellect speaking versus the guidance I was receiving also showed me at times that I would have also eliminated some aggravation and effort for trying to undo the results of going down the wrong path. It also taught me that when you do something you are guided to do you are on your right path for your highest good. When you follow the right path, the right opportunities open more effortlessly as well.

It isn’t always easy to say no to friends or opportunity. I still have the fear that I might be missing out on something or that I might be disappointing someone by saying no but it has become easier because of my commitment, practice and results experienced from sticking to my right path. Fortunately, I also have a spiritual process that I can use to clear the negative feelings I and the others may have due to the decision I made.

Following this path hasn’t always been easy. There have been many times I have wished I could just go back to a regular life when I feel challenged by it, but the thought of not having these tools and connections make me feel vulnerable. These connections make life sweeter, easier, more fulfilling and abundant. Challenges aren’t always completely and automatically eliminated but having the tools, contacts and resources from above to help navigate and solve them is truly miraculous. Considering the challenges facing people today, I can’t imagine navigating them without these tools and resources.

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