Outstanding Individual Contributor of The Year Award!

March 31, 2011

Dear Susan,

As a dedicated supporter, you know that One Simple Wish has been granting simple wishes to foster children and vulnerable families for almost three years now.  Your generous contribution has enabled One Simple Wish to fulfill our mission by accomplishing many incredible things for the children and families who need us most. 

We are excited to inform you that because of your amazing, unwavering support of One Simple Wish, we would like to honor you with an award at the Night of 1,000 Wishes  ̶  our first ever dinner, performance and awards celebration to be held on Saturday, September 24, 2011 at the historic Trenton War Memorial in Trenton, NJ.

This event will feature a look back on many of the touching stories of wishes granted over the past year, and celebrate the many wonderful people who have helped us make all this possible.  At the Night of 1,000 Wishes, we will celebrate your contribution as “Outstanding Individual Contributor of The Year”.  Other awards include the contributions of a corporation, an outstanding volunteer, Community Partner and group Wish Granter.  We will also bestow the very first “Fostering Success” award on a very special young adult for exemplifying a successful life after leaving the foster care system.

We hope you will accept this honor and join us for a wonderful evening of reflection, hope and inspiration.  With this award comes one complimentary ticket to this event for a representative to attend, with additional tickets available for purchase in June.

All of us at One Simple Wish would like to sincerely thank you for everything you have done over the past year to help us make wishes come true.  From granting over 30 wishes for your 30th birthday to being a tireless advocate to our cause, you have been so generous in your support of our mission.

Thank you again and we hope to receive your acceptance soon.   


Danielle Gletow                    
Founder, One Simple Wish 

Mairin Lopez Schramm
Program Manager   

Kimberly Eaves-Gelb
President, Board of Directors

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