Toilet Paper Entrepreneur – April 29, 2011

The First TPE Tattoo..Unsolicited!


Last week I was honored, flattered and extremely surprised to learn that a TPE had a tattoo with "TPE" permanently inked on her body. Check out the pics below to see Susan Vernick’s wicked tribute to all of the organizations that she claims has helped her become the success she is today.

TPE tattoo


Susan is the CEO and founder of, a great resource dedicated to empowering women as well as a loyal TPE and a great entrepreneur. I saw a few pics on Facebook, with a Tweet about her new tat and was floored! We made the cut!

TPE tattoo


TPE tattoo

Susan, thank you for the homage, and congratulations on your sweet ink. You just made the TPE hall of fame!

By Mike Michalowicz, Author of The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

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