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Web hits are up 74% from last year and continue to grow with powerful message of ‘Accept. Appreciate. Achieve.”TM

March 2009

WHARTON, NJ (March 2009)–Identity, a women’s online magazine geared towards 21 year-olds and older, is entering its third year of being published online with Web traffic hits up 74% from last year. Wharton resident, Susan Vernicek founded Identity in 2006 to empower women with the magazine’s mantra of ‘Accept. Appreciate. Achieve.’

“I created Identity because I was tired of reading magazines that included airbrushed women, tips on how to lose 10 pounds in 10 days, or the latest Hollywood beauty fad,” said 28 year-old Vernicek. “I wanted to build an online community with relatable and relevant content that educates women on how to accept who they are, appreciate what they have, and achieve more than their potential.”

Identity is published quarterly, but Vernicek keeps in touch with her readers through monthly email blasts. These monthly email blasts are newsletters that highlight certain articles or sections of her Web site. Vernicek also keeps Identity fresh in her readers’ minds by emailing “bonus” articles a few times each month.

“Identity used to publish three times a year, but I recently made it a quarterly magazine,” said Vernicek. “Since I’m not able to produce a monthly magazine yet, I want to keep my readers engaged so I email them articles and direct them to the Web site as often as I can.”

In the past year, Identity’s newsletter readership has doubled, and the magazine gets about 30,000 Web hits per month with this number growing each month. Midway through March, Identity has already reached 31,000 Web hits.

Some articles featured in Identity include: tips on dining out on a budget, how to have more energy, Q & A’s with a professional therapist and nutritionist, interviews with successful women, healthy recipes, highlights of different exercise programs including yoga and pilates, as well as the popular reader-submitted content. There are three sections devoted to reader-submitted content: “Nobody’s Perfect,” “I Love My…” and “It’s the Little Things,” which focus on accepting and appreciating imperfections and mistakes, as well as achieving and appreciating the simple things life has to offer.

The goal of Identity is to become an online community where women from all walks of life–whether she is a stay-at-home mom, a CEO, or a college student–can learn and relate from each other’s experiences. Identity also has a steady stream of advertisers on its Web site, which allows Vernicek to make her Web site free to the public.

“This year I hope to bring on even more quality advertisers that coincide with my mission, and continue to expand my Identity team of contributors,” said Vernicek. “My focus for 2009 is to achieve 100,000 Web hits per month.”

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