Online Love Story: Better Late Than Never

The dating world can be rough for singles all over the country. Now with online dating sites, such as, men and women have a better chance at love. However, how many dates is too many? For one woman, all it took was one more date with one more guy. Hear her story of chance, luck, and true love.

By Lindsley Lowell

What am I thankful for? So very much. I am happy to say that I could write a long list, but the one that really stands out is finding Jonathan, the love of my life.

Just two years ago, my hope was seriously waning. I hadn’t had a serious boyfriend since “Friends” was on the air and my last dates were dreadful. The thought of finding anyone who I might want to spend time with, let alone share a life with, was looking pretty grim. I tried to be positive, but considering my recent track record and society telling me that I was a social pariah (single at 40), my attitude was more Eeyore than Winnie-the-Pooh. On my 40th birthday, I had given in to the idea that I might be "crazy Aunt Lindsley" – unmarried for the rest of my life. I was about to buy some cats and start knitting.

Friends and family called with birthday salutations. I lamented to my father that now, at 40, I may be alone forever. My father told me to try online dating again. I have a TON of online dating stories. I tried it for five years on and off. I had some success – three ex-boyfriends in fact – not a bad run. But none of them were “The One.” I also had tons of horrific experiences.

I told my father that I couldn’t believe he wanted me to go back online. Did he want me to end up in the loony bin?! "Consider it your last hurrah," he said. I got off the phone and considered what he said. Why not? I thought. I will try it one – last – time. I signed up for one month and then, I told myself, I am done for good.

After two weeks, I got an e-mail from saying that this guy was a match for me. Did I like him? He was cute and funny and educated. Yes. I clicked. We then e-mailed twice back and forth. I gave him my number. He called right away. Our first conversation was two hours long! Amazing. We both couldn’t believe how long we talked, never having met before. We had dinner the next week, breaking my rule completely. I didn’t do dinner on first dates after too many “Last Suppers” where it was just insufferable.

Our first date truly was fireworks! It’s true that you never know who the right one is for you until you meet him and then you know instantly. He did just happen to have everything I was looking for in a partner. We were engaged that New Year's and married the following June. I waited a long time, but I'm glad I did!

My single friends tell me that I am a beacon of hope for ladies over thirty-five who are still trying to find the one. He is out there, I tell them. You just have to try. He is not going to show up at your front door!

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