What We LOVE About Summer


We asked readers what they love about summer. What do you love?

What I like most about summer are Magnolia blossoms and afternoon rains; the two go together perfectly. The petals of a Magnolia blossom make perfect cups and it doesn’t take long to fill one during an abundant shower. -Maribeth, Texas

I love how it gives me unwritten permission to leave the mess in my house alone, to have hard boiled eggs and jello for supper, to play instead of work, to BBQ with friends, to spend quality time with the family and to have more fun and work less. This is especially important where I live as we have only two months of ‘real’ summer! -Stephanie, Canada

Besides being a college student and having the obvious significantly less amounts of stress I have to worry about, I find myself also being able to take care of my body and health a lot better. My hair and make-up go au natural and I’m able to come home from work and internships and feel healthier and am able to enjoy the rest of the day ahead of me. -Caroline, Wisconsin

What I love about Summer is the freedom to do whatever I want to do. I feel I rediscover myself each summer because I have more time to focus on me and get the most of what I want out of life. The summer gives me a chance to go places I’ve never been before and reconnect with old friends. Specifically, this summer will give me the opportunity to expand my business and take a look at what makes me great at my job, what I need to improve, get more clients and work on great summer projects. The summer is good for endless possibilities. -Desiree, New York

I don’t always appreciate the long, sunny days but wish I did more. I try to take advantage of it by booking myself to things (lunches, walks, dates) that I usually would blow off as ‘I was busy with work’ and ‘I’d rather stay in’ – who can stay in and work when it’s beautiful out? I have “sun guilt” – the guilt you find when you stay in on a beautiful summer day. -Megan, Wisconsin

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