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Our lives can take a sudden turn at any moment. Sometimes, this can even 
happen more than once. But no matter how tragic those turns are, we can always learn something. For Sheevaun, losing her husband, and
transforming her life into a non-stop marathon of work caused her 
health to hit rock bottom. Those turning points in her life helped her 
to learn something so valuable that she could not hold back from sharing it with the rest of the world. Sheevaun lost so much of what
made her identity, but she found a new one through the ways of healing.

By Sheevaun

I was on track to live an ordinary life. I had found my soul mate and married him. We had all the plans of a young couple — dog, kids, family, old age – when suddenly he died in a motorcycle accident on the way home from work.

His work was important to him and he was one of the youngest on the management team for an airline, which ensured that he would be away from home a lot while building his career. It wasn’t unusual that he was late, but the knock on the door and window to my bedroom by my neighbors broke the spell.

Everything changed the night of the accident. My security and certainty were gone. My future was no longer filled with the same forward momentum. Nothing much mattered.

My dad gave me a piece of advice that has led me to do what I do today. He said follow your inner guidance and whatever you are inspired to do or participate in then you absolutely must do it. At the time I had no plans and so that sounded like a plan. It was the only thing that I could wrap my mind around because life was not very important and it
didn’t get important for a few years.

There were times when I sat on the floor crying with my dog and a gun to my
head. There were times when I would find the most dangerous thing I
could think of to do, like running with the bulls in Pamplona, and most
of the time I was on autopilot.

landed a corporate job in marketing and sales and spent 14-16 hour days building a small pharmaceutical business from $200,000 to a $44 million 
company. I traveled non-stop for them and at one point my body failed. 
I had taxed it so much for so long that it said no more.

I didn’t believe in drugs to solve a problem with the body I was certain that there had to be a solution and yet I had no idea where to 

When I was misdiagnosed I decided that I needed to take my health into my 
own hands. I found a doctor that gave me a five page document with
 foods to eat and not to eat. It turned out to be a vegetarian diet and 
it started the healing process. It didn’t resolve the original issue and the doctor and I tried every other option possible, including some 
experimental herbal options, and nothing worked. He performed a surgery 
on my colon and that seemed to work and solve the problem.

 everything seemed better I went back to my intense travel schedule within days of the surgery. and was on a plane to one of our biggest 
accounts in Puerto Rico. It seemed that there was an issue that my body
 had with healing fully from the surgery but I discounted it for months until one night a friend was visiting and I woke up screaming in pain.
 He took me to the emergency room and that’s when everything changed,
 once again.

I learned that my blood was poisoned, which is usually lethal and I could
 die from it. They told me that I’d been walking around with it for a
while and I also learned they wanted me to stay in the hospital for a
few weeks. I adamantly refused and told them that people die in hospitals. I told them they could inject me with whatever they needed 
and I promised I would take whatever they told me to take but I would
 not stay in the hospital.

I went home and stayed on my sofa for a month, instead of staying in the
 hospital. That’s when I started to recall all the things I’d learned
 about health and wellness throughout my life. I started to use them and began correcting the relationship to energy and body.

At that time I gained the definite realization that the body is important
 and that I would never be that sick again in my life and I would never 
take pharmaceuticals. That is when I took a class on Pranic Healing. Once I learned those technologies I set up 
four clinics around Orange County to gain experience and give back some 
of what I had learned. That’s when I realized that those techniques 
were only part of the solution and began developing my own technologies. I developed techniques that would solve all levels of
 energy problems and heal the mind, body, nutrition, business and 
finances and it would heal it permanently.

Once I realized that if I, a type A business executive, could do this and
get results every single time then anyone in the world should be able
 to help themselves. That’s when I was on a mission to share what I had

 wasn’t until I was on a month long vacation to the Himalayas that I learned how important those energy skills were. There was a woman on 
the trip that had a stroke and our group was a 2-day hike from any
medical help. There was only me and my healing methods and my tent
mate, a nurse. She handled vital signs while I worked on this woman. I worked on her for hours. She recovered from a severe stroke to be able
to walk again with a tiny limp in 24 hours and the help of the
techniques I knew. This is when I realized that I needed to share my
knowledge with the world.

I began using some of those principles 
of energy and wellness with my sales team and at corporate functions. 
Our company sales soared and we were scoring big. That’s when I knew 
that I needed to use my corporate background and passion for business and combine it with the energy and modalities that I had been using for
health and wellness. I discovered that energy principles were the
 foundation of forward thinking leaders from the early 1900’s and that’s
what set apart the industrial revolution. That was the facet I could provide by combining the deeper principles of energy solutions into the
corporate environment.

It has been amazing to look back over the course of the past 15 years. It has also been an amazing journey exploring and challenging the reaches of my own health,
 management skills, energy principles and sharing those with 

date, my clients have recovered from cancer, bankruptcy, nearly failed marriages, chronic issues, diabetes and more. I have worked with over 15,000 
people using the energetic solutions and methods I developed.

My joy and passion is taking the basics of life and health and sharing those applications with
people that are burnt out, bummed out and bankrupt and transform their
life into something vibrant, healthful, joyful and prosperous.

You can find out more about Sheevaun by visiting

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