Men Spill It All: The Guys in Our Lives Appreciate Us More Than We Know

You may not hear it often, but men actually do appreciate us. We asked them what they love most about the special women in their lives; here is what they had to say…

I grew up with two sisters and an incredibly loving and hard-working mother. Without a doubt, I appreciate the sensitivity of women, their ability to multitask, of course, and their overwhelming, innate ability to listen! If only us guys could do that! I'm convinced that nothing on this planet can retain information–no gigabyte, no computer, or space station–like a woman's mind. She'll remember things you did in your two previous lives and not miss a beat. Jim

In general, women seem to care in a deeper and more real way. It really is hard to put into words, but women seem to be able to be able to empathize and to sympathize from their hearts and souls. Women are much more open and much deeper in their emotional connections. -Pablo

Confidence in herself as a female; that's very attractive. -Stuart

Authenticity without judgment, genuine laughter, and most importantly, mutual respect and friendship without tit-for-tat scorekeeping. -Mike

I want a woman who is perfect in her imperfection, a woman who has come to love who she is and is an expression of that love. I want a woman who lights me up. -Owen

What I appreciate about women the most is their ability to be nurturing and caring–regardless of the situation, whether it is planned event/situation or spontaneous. That's an unmeasurable/invaluable quality of women. -Rodric

There are many things I appreciate about women. One is their ability to empathize. Women all over the world have a way of connecting and understanding the pain and emotional turmoil of any human being. Women know how to look beyond the obvious and search for hidden clues that might reveal the truth. Women, once committed, are in it for the long haul. No matter what obstacles a woman may face they always bounce back, regroup, and continue to forge ahead. Thank God for women. God knew what he was doing when he made them our help mate. -Terrell

Selflessness – I think in most situations men still have their own best interests at heart. But women, when they love someone or something, or are committed to a project they are 100 percent selfless. Nothing else in the world matters except the other person. -Kevin

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