August Most Wanted – The Identity Pursuit Game!

Who’s the real you?

“More than a game. An adventure in self discovery.” ~ NYT Bestselling Author Caroline Myss

What makes you unique? What makes you tick? Now you can find out for yourself. Identity Pursuit can show you how. Identity Pursuit is a new board game that takes you on a journey of discovery. Destination: the real you. The you that’s ready to awaken and meet its full potential. The you that’s loaded with the unique gifts and skills you’ve always suspected were there, just waiting to be uncovered.

Who knew self discovery could be so much fun? And so rewarding? Play
with friends, family, even total strangers. It's exciting, surprising and irresistible. Want to meet the real you? It’s never been easier to do.

Come find yourself with Identity Pursuit.

Now available for only $39.95!

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