Confessions of Acceptance

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Readers tell us what they have learned to accept within themselves and their lives…

I have learned to accept that how others do things is often still good even if it is different from how I would do it. It’s amazing how much others will do if they feel appreciated, rather than criticized, when they do it. -Michele
I accept that I live with a slob. I married a slob and then set about trying to change him. Flashing neon signs telling him to wipe his feet at the door were not out of the question, but no matter what I did (and I even tried the advice of the Dog Whisperer–using positive reinforcement, praise and food) I couldn’t get him to clean up his act. Our furniture got ruined and we argued constantly. My options? Divorce, drugs or outsmart him.
I’m a woman. I outsmarted him.
I now accept, even embrace, that he has raised sloppiness to an art form and life is still good. No more yelling over dirty dishes left on the sofa or dried up mud all over the floor from his dirty shoes. So I don’t live in a Decorator’s Show House and never will. Big Deal. -Debbie
I’ve been overweight my entire life, since infancy. I’ve tried diets of all kinds (though nothing dangerous). I live a moderately healthy lifestyle, but I’m not willing to go to extreme measures to lose the pounds. I’m still working on it, but I don’t dream about being thin some day like I once did. I don’t let the weight haunt me or make me sad. -Tara
I’ve accepted that you can’t have it all–the concept of having the “perfect” job; well adjusted kids; a long, uninterrupted date with your spouse; and food on the table just isn’t realistic or practical. Something is going to give. -Selena
I have learned to accept that not everyone lives the way I do and that I don’t have to acknowledge everyone elses opinion. I live my life openly and optimistically and I take a lot of risks and therefore also have quite a few faliures, but I am a positive person and have accepted that I don’t have to have everyone agree with me. -Jacqueline

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