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It is often difficult to accept the word “no” in many common life situations. Whether it be in our personal life or our professional life, the word “no” can come with a negative connotation. But when we learn to accept the answer, we can grow from it. Andrea did just that and after taking “no” as a learning opportunity, she was able to expand her business and her identity.

By Andrea

As much as I’d like to write about what I most appreciate in my life, you probably don’t want to hear me gush over my children. So instead, I’m going to share something that I’ve come to appreciate as a business owner that may help others to view selling their product in a healthier light.

I am a professional artist, Reiki practitioner, and owner of a growing art-jewelry company who has to reach out to retail buyers on my own. Over the years that I’ve been selling my own art, I’ve come to APPRECIATE the responses that include the words, “no,” “no thank you” and “it’s not for us at this time.” It’s not that I’m a glutton for punishment, I appreciate those honest responses because they allow me to: A. Take those clients off of my call list (while placing them on my send images list); B. Get a definitive answer so that I don’t waste my time calling and calling and calling back to get a definitive answer; and C. Focus on new business opportunities with retail owners who will be a better fit with my design aesthetic.

I want to add that when I receive the “no, no thank you” or “it’s not for us at this time” responses, I kindly ask them to elaborate on why they replied, “no.” Is it the price, the customer base, the design? When they elaborate with their “why,” it allows me to pinpoint my market more exactly and get a better idea of what’s happening not only in the gallery/boutique industry but also in that particular part of the country.

Appreciating hearing the word “no” can be translated into all aspects of life: students, business, home/family/friendships. It’s important to not only accept “no” but to offer a self-honoring “no” sometimes, as well. You can learn quite a bit about yourself when you view your reactions to “no”. How did it make you feel about yourself and how did you feel about the person saying “no?” What was their reason for saying, “no,” and why did you say, “no?” How did you feel about their response and how did you react?

Appreciate “no,” “no thank you,” and “it’s not for us at this time.” Try and understand the answers, such as “no, I’d rather not,” “no, I don’t feel like it,” “no, that makes me uncomfortable,” and “no, I have too much on my plate.” You can learn a lot and if you heard “yes” all the time, you would have very little room for growth and change.

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