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One woman shares how living and appreciating her life daily have taught her to live her best possible life and be grateful for everything she has.

By Lyn Hicks

I am thankful for the farm I inhabit, the wonderful of nature and the flowers I grow. I appreciate the space, the remoteness and the connection I have to nature. I sit every morning in wonder at the birds and their beauty.

When my flowers bloom they sing almost sing to me, shining so pretty and bright. It is a wonderful job to grow, arrange and share flowers within my community. I am grateful for having a business in which I bring beauty to others; gift the healing vibe to offices and homes of organic fresh flowers. Although it is such hard work, I am thankful for the grower lifestyle I am able to have.

I am grateful for my wonderful husband that I share my life with. I appreciate him by communicating with him daily, growing and learning next to him, genuinely embracing him, and reflecting joy to him. Just truly talking about life and the days events with care and interest as we help each other grow more open and conscious about life. We connect purposefully most days, in order to show gratitude for one another.

I am deeply grateful for my spiritual path. I spend mornings doing practices and reading, attempting to connect to my divine light, growing it stronger and sharing it with the world. It is grounding to have a belief system that truly helps in rough times–a well to draw on, a knowing that within you will make it, that you are safe and have a way to get through. I am so thankful for the community that working with me on self-development.

I spent so many years alone on my mission that I am so greatful for others exchanging experiences, sharing techniques and knowledge, supporting my growth and feeling part of a group that is looking to transform in this hectic environment.

I dance daily to the great light of life in gratitude. I host classes on the farm so others can grow and learn, sharing things that have helped me grow stronger in tough times.

I am eager for each day and I am enthusiastic about what will unfold.

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