Football, You Make Me Feel Like a Girl Again

I Love Football
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Written by Dava Krause

Dava Krause is an Identity Staff Writer, but a comedian first. She has dedicated her time to provide Identity readers with some laughter in their lives. We don’t always have to be serious, so unwind with a laugh from time to time with Dava and Identity.

By Dava Krause

In case you’re not familiar, an NFL lockout, due to a labor dispute between league owners and players, began in the spring threatening to postpone or worse- cancel the season. On July 25th it was called off. Football is back! Phew!

Without football, I would have to interact with family members during the winter holidays and converse with my husband on Sundays. Yikes. Worst of all, without football I wouldn’t have my all girl fantasy football league!

Football is the only sport that interests me. I’m not sure if it’s because it was the only sport that my father ever watched or because football is just far more awesome than any other sport. Regardless, I always enjoyed rooting for the Philadelphia Eagles and watching games. And after living in Los Angeles where the weather is the same all year round (not complaining…just stating a fact), the start of football season always reminded me it was fall. That and the Jewish High Holidays, but I digress.

Six years ago, I met my husband in late summer as he was gearing up for his annual trip with his buddies to draft their fantasy football team. Every year from all over the country no matter what job, marital status or kid situation his friends were living in, they got together to discuss something they mutually loved. Football. It brought them together.   One year they went to Vegas for the draft and left the Hooters Hotel because they didn’t have all the games on. Balls over Boobs. It was like football transformed them back to an innocent state of boyhood – nothing mattered as much as football. Not even girls.

According to Wikipedia, “Participation [in fantasy sports] has grown over 60 percent the past four years with 19 percent of males in the U.S. playing fantasy sports.” There’s even a television show on FX called The League, a semi-scripted comedy about a fantasy football league. But how can us ladies get involved?

In 2007 I was asked to join League Home Sauce   by a good friend, and Girls Guide To Fantasy Sports Creator, Jordan Zucker. It’s an all girl league. No boys. (Save for the “Mitches”, aka, Man-Bitches, who simply serve us cocktails, bring us snacks and keep quiet as they have the privilege of witnessing a bunch of sexy intelligent ladies talk about football).

I Love Football

Finally, a league for US! A chance to spend time with my girlfriends and not talk about boys.   It’s freaking awesome.

When I first joined the league I didn’t know too much about players outside of the Eagles. So I researched. I read. I jumped in and figured it out like I did with a new video game when I was a little girl. And I continue to learn. (Apparently learning is one thing and winning is another.)

So this fall, join a league. Start a league. Dive in head first. Play like you did as a little kid. And by means, don’t forget to bring along some grown-up cocktails.

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Dava Krause

Dava Krause is a national touring stand-up comic, writer and actress with a recurring role on House, M.D on FOX. She also appeared on the spin-off In House appisode “Nurse Jeffery” featured on iTunes. Hugh Laurie said she had a “brilliant comedic face.” Her debut comedy rock album, “Child of the 80’s” is now available on over 300 websites including iTunes and Amazon and can be heard on XM Satellite’s Radio. In Los Angeles, Dava performs stand-up regularly at The Hollywood Improv, The Ice House and on Tom Arnold’s show “Laughing with the Stars” at The Laugh Factory. She also produces and hosts a monthly show in Hollywood featuring some of the top musical comics in the business called “Hotel Comedy.” Dava is a National Voice Over artist that can be heard in video games and radio and television commercials nationwide.

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