How do you appreciate your life?

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Here at Identity, we want women to learn to accept, appreciate and achieve things in their lives. By becoming aware of what is important in your life right now, and what you are looking for in future, Identity readers will be able to become the woman that they want to be.

We asked women how they appreciate each day. How do you appreciate your life?

I keep a gratitude journal on my nightstand and list at least five things I am grateful for each day. That is what I want marinating in my head when I go to sleep instead of ruminating about any negatives of the day or the evening news. -Grace

I wake up and remember to be thankful for all of the things that bring me joy.  -Sandra

My husband and I tell each other each night something we are thankful for in the other person. It may be something from that day, “I really appreciate you making my mom feel so welcome at dinner,” or even a general trait that we appreciate, “I’m thankful for your generous, big heart.” We’ve been doing this every night since early in our relationship – even on days when we want to say what were not thankful for. -Saretta

By dedicating myself to this sort of daily balancing, my life has become fuller and I find my passion for life easily. I have more joy and can bring more joy to others because I feel my meditation gives me a solid, centered place to rest and allows me to be more present in all other areas of my life. -Wenndi

As someone who is passionate about personal development and improving my life in every area, I appreciate everything small and big! I live with gratitude. I think gratitude is the quickest path to happiness. Gratitude means noticing everything going right with your life and noticing all the little things you appreciate throughout the day: how your coffee smells brewing in the morning, petting your cat, noticing a beautiful view, being present for a conversation with a friend or feeling satisfied after you have completed a work project. For people who aren’t accustomed to living with gratitude, they can keep a small notebook and jot down the things they appreciate throughout the day until it becomes a habit. Taking the time to appreciate life slows people down to live in the present and marinate in the moment. It’s a definite mood booster. Lastly, I appreciate positive people! -Sandra  

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