Confessions of Acceptance

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It takes time to understand and accept various things in our lives. From our family and relationships to the way we see ourselves, acceptance does not always come quickly.

Identity readers tell us what they accept in their lives and within themselves. What have you accepted?

I’ve learned to accept that what I desire in a partner will not change. So adjusting to make someone fit into my life is not advantageous for either party. -Jennifer

I have accepted my curves, In the very image-conscious world of public relations in Los Angeles, I have finally accepted I will never be stick thin. Once I accepted my extra pounds and decided not to let outside pressures change my self image I have realized people respond to my confidence and my business is growing. -Stacy

I have accepted that a super clean house is highly overrated. No woman will have on her grave marker, “Here Lies the Best Housewife in the World.” -Fran

I accept my curvy hips, long face and big lips. They are what make me who I am. -Lorneth

I have accepted that I cannot control every situation. -Meagan

I accept that I am not in control of anyone but myself. -Allison

I accept that in order for me to move forward with my daily routine of working out, I have to take responsibility and stop making excuses. There are no excuses. Act and do already! – Susan


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