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After leaving one position in your life, it can be difficult to decide what path to take next.  For Donnette, it was leaving a career behind that caused anxiety about where she would be going next in life.  It took overcoming a different sort of obstacle in her life and achieving something she never thought she would, to realize that things  are never as difficult as they seem.

By Donnette

In October, 2003, my mother and I took a month-long trip to Australia, New Zealand and Tahiti. While we were in Sydney, we took a tour of the Sydney Harbor Bridge and I made a spontaneous decision to climb to the top. My mother was stunned by my impulsive act, but no one seemed more bewildered than I was. Maybe the catalyst for my action was my anxiety that I had not yet secured a new job, having just left the Financial Times as a top New York editor.

In fact, I had been apprehensive about joining my mother on a frivolous trip to the other side of the world, when friends had advised spending the time retooling my resume and pounding the pavement on interviews.

Instead, I chose to climb my way out of my angst.

So, despite my lifelong acrophobia, I hitched myself to the tour guide — a mere slip of a girl, who prodded me along as I crawled, sometimes on hand and knees, up ladders, catwalks and arches. For three and half hours, I painstakingly ambled on, finally reaching the breathtaking summit.

As I stood at the pinnacle, overlooking the sweeping views of the nearby Sydney Opera House and the city, my problems and me, seemed very, very minute. With my champion tour guide, cheering my achievement, I was simply happy to be alive to experience that amazing moment.

If I can do this, I thought, a job will be a piece of cake. And, it was.

See how Donnette answers our Identity Five Questions:  

1. What have you accepted within yourself and/or within your life?

That I am fearless, in my own feminine way.

2. What do you appreciate about yourself or your life?

I’m loyal. Sometimes to a fault.

3. What have you achieved, or what are you working to achieve personally, physically, or mentally?

Growing my public relations agency into a powerhouse in Manhattan. Motivating myself to run five miles again after podiatry surgery in June. Challenging myself to read more non-fiction.

4. What is your no-so-perfect way?  We are all unique with quirks and imperfections, so why not flaunt them and embrace them!

I can be a tad impatient. I sometimes don’t realize that not everyone is in sync with my vision.

5. How would you complete this sentence, “I Love My…”  This has to be about you, physically or mentally.

I love my passion for life, for things that are aesthetically beautiful. The older I get, the more I appreciate beauty at its most basic, watching the boats float up and down the Hudson River from my window every morning or seeing the trees in the park change in the fall.

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