Not Accepting What the Media Portrays

Miss Representation
I’ve experienced imposter syndrome and so has pretty much every Mompreneur going after what she wants.
Written by Susan Vernicek

An overlook at the Hegemonic society that utilizes the media as a tool to dictate gender expression. This sets into motion the subordination of women in our society and that value that they hold as individuals politically and socially.

Miss Representation

The media is our everyday messenger. Many of us rely on the media for our everyday news needs, gossip needs, and resource needs.

I wanted to share this very important message and documentary by Miss Representation ( with you because it affects you whether you realize it or not.

I have submerged myself in overall mental wellness for the past 6 years and I was shocked with some of these statistics and how our society really isn’t moving forward as a whole.

I know how bad the media is, that’s why I don’t indulge in it and I pick and choose what I see, hear and who I hang with.   I surround myself with positive people to keep me in the positive zone and not be corrupted by the media.

I’m moving forward, my friends are moving forward, but what about those around us?   I need to push more and help spread this message and mission.

Please take a look at this trailer and please watch the movie TONIGHT. Miss Representation premieres on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network TONIGHT – Thursday,October 20, 2011,at 9/8c (check your provider, find your local OWN channel here) is a call-to-action campaign that seeks to empower women and girls to challenge limiting labels in order to realize their potential, and to encourage men and boys to stand up to sexism. Start now and take action

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I’ve experienced imposter syndrome and so has pretty much every Mompreneur going after what she wants.

Susan Vernicek

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