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Melody Stevens - Time Millionaire
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Learning how to overcome a weakness can be difficult.  For Melody, food and the doubt she had in herself created difficult situations in her life.  After a great turning point in her life, Melody was able to change the things that were truly holding her back, and she found her true identity.

By Melody

The personal achievement I’m most proud of is the ability to stand up for myself; to shout my own truth to the hills; even when my truth, my opinion, and my desires are different from those around me. And, it started with the food.


Up until a couple of years ago, I had been coping with life through acquiescing to others. If someone had an opinion, they were right. I doubted myself constantly. I was a yo-yo dieter since I was 16-years-old. And, every diet was the next best thing for me. My weight fluctuated up and down by 50 pounds.

Finally, I turned 40 and my father passed away. And, I discovered that during the 10 days of Shiva (ritual Jewish mourning period), I was eating and eating and didn’t once cry for my father. I felt drunk with food, and so I got myself to a therapist who specializes in treating addictions. She prescribed a program of recovery for me which I follow on a daily basis: a lot of emotional and spiritual work on myself along with a support group and accountability buddy.

Melody Stevens - Time Millionaire


Through that work, I discovered a food plan that is right for me, and only me. It doesn’t look like any diet I have ever been on. And, it is different from my colleagues who are doing similar emotional and spiritual work. My food is fabulous and in just the right quantities and timing for my needs. And, so, now, instead of being embarrassed at eating a piece of chocolate cake from my very favorite bakery; I spiritually “shout my truth to the hills,” and I don’t care who hears me.

My food plan is constantly evolving as am I.

Just because I have discovered I am best off eating three meals with nothing in between and others are eating six mini-meals it doesn’t mean they are right and I am wrong. I have been maintaining a 30 pound weight loss for two and a half years.

From shouting my “food truth” out loud spiritually, I have the courage, now on a daily basis to speak up for my own needs, opinions, and desires. And, thus, I am happier and have a huge sense of freedom and peace.

Here are a couple more specific ways I have translated my food to my life:

I have developed the ability to say “no” and “enough” first with the food, then with people, volunteer work, and work in general. My life now has boundaries whereas before I was just exhausted. My life is my own. For example, I recently quit a volunteer job even though they depended on me to fundraise for the organization. I was nervous, but I handled it responsibly with an in-person conversation with the director of the organization. Turns out she was OK with it and even said she saw it coming.

I have been able to voice my opinions and stay true to myself even though my ideas are controversial. For example in a business networking group that I am in, I have been able to be the voice of making more money by getting out of your business and working less! That was really hard at first, especially since the group I’m in has mostly men that work like dogs in their business to make a living. From this controversial viewpoint, I have gotten a lot of work as a business coach and motivational speaker!

Identity Five Questions:

What have you accepted within yourself and/or within your life? Is  there anything you are working on accepting?

I have accepted that my personal growth is never ending. I will never achieve perfection at anything. I will never be rid of all of my bad habits completely, but I can get better at noticing them quicker, and taking a different path, as long as I keep working on myself.

What do you appreciate about yourself or your life?

I appreciate my relationships most of all. I have a wonderful husband and daughter, many strong personal and business friendships.

What have you achieved, or what are you working to achieve personally,  physically, or mentally?

I have achieved a lot. A successful business, loving relationships, proficiency at singing and motivational speaking.

What is your no-so-perfect way? We are all unique with quirks and imperfections, so why not flaunt them and embrace them!

I  tend to leave things everywhere! My cell phone, keys, pocket book; I can be a total space cadet!

How would you complete this sentence, “I Love My…” This has to be about  you, physically or mentally.

I love my ability to get along with almost anyone. I have a very friendly and warm personality and I love people.

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