Money-Saving Tips for Holiday Shopping

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Identity has found a money guru to help you save this holiday season! She has the best tips to help you spend less and save even more.

In the midst of buying gifts, entertaining and traveling, here are just a few of Dani Johnson’s tips for the holidays and she has many more:

1. AVOID BLACK FRIDAY: The sales are set up for you to spend more money — don’t go! Sleep in and relax instead.

2. CUT YOUR ACTIVITY IN HALF, STOP FEELING OBLIGATED: Stop feeling obligated to attend every party. If you normally commit to 15 holiday events between work and family, cut it down and only attend half — the most important ones. Give yourself permission to be in control and remember it is okay to say “no.”

3. STOP BUYING GIFTS NOBODY NEEDS: Instead of buying dad yet another tie this year, you should make a pact with your friends and family to give back instead. Pool a percentage of the money you were going to spend on gifts and give a “secret blessing” to somebody who is truly in need. Bringing food to a family in need will cost much less than buying gifts.

4. SET LOFTY BUT ATTAINABLE NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS: Make sure you are aiming high but being realistic. Use the time off to organize your finances and plan for the year ahead. Knowing where you stand financially dramatically decreases stress. Challenge yourself to dream and cast a vision for the following year. Cut out pictures to see what next year looks like for your family and go achieve it.

5. GIVE YOURSELF THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING: I am not talking about a flat screen TV. Pay off your debt! You will feel better about yourself and set the stage for a great year ahead.

Dani Johnson is a self-made multi-millionaire, best-selling author, radio show host and TV personality. Her latest book, “First Steps to Wealth” launched in July and is available for free at

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