Jennifer Tuma-Young, an Inspirista Shares Her Secrets on Success

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You may have seen Jennifer on, Rachael Ray, NBC 10 Show, Soul Art TV, or read her articles in Martha Stuart, or Shine and of course her own websites. Jennifer Tuma-Young is a Lifestyle Expert, Licensed Coach, Writer, Founder & CEO of INSPIRISTA lifestyle design company, Founder & Editor of LifeGloss…sparkle for the soul !

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Jennifer gives back to the community quite often, but one charity is dear to her heart, Enchanted Makeovers.
Jennifer invites you to visit their site and mission to learn more.

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Jennifer in a Nutshell: I am a writer, a speaker, a student, a teacher, a creative, a believer, a foodie, a wife, a mother, an inspiration junkie. I believe nothing is impossible – nothing , nada, zip, zilch. Like everybody else, I have faced challenges in my life. I had a huge wake-up call with my health, experienced major financial issues, and have struggled with self-esteem.

Smack. Wake Up.

In several pivotal aha moments, I felt shifts in my spirit which led me to choose growth over status quo, possibilities over limitations, opportunities over challenges, gratitude over striving for more – from overcoming borderline diabetes, to releasing 100 pounds of weight from my body to discovering more joy having coffee on my porch than the crazy quest of seeking it out in a café in Italy. I am still constantly learning, growing, evolving, but…

I believe with faith, intention, and purposeful practice, we can each create whatever we want for our lives, and have a BLAST doing it!

So, I founded the development company Inspirista, and for over a decade I have worked (in various shapes and forms) with individuals, companies & organizations on clarifying their vision, communicating their mission, reigniting their spark, shifting their mindset, bouncing back from challenges, and transforming from the inside-out.

Today, I balance my time between being with my precious gifts from God (LuLu and the Little Man), and writing, speaking, teaching, learning, spending time with women and children in shelters (and raising awareness) for Enchanted Makeovers, and working with my mom in our Curves  franchise! I also mentor some amazing women on sharing their gifts with the world!


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