From One Mother to Another: What Motherhood Means to Me

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Parenting can be difficult, but Jodi shares insight from one mother to another.

Jodi Ciampa is our latest addition to the Identity team. Parenting is difficult and not one parent is perfect. Jodi she will share her insights from One Mother to Another in hopes to give you support on real-life of parenting.

Jodi CiampaMotherhood — The Act of Being a Mother.   How can such a vaguely defined word have so much meaning?

How can such a simple sounding word be so engrossing, exhilarating and empowering at the same time?   How can one word change your existence forever?

Motherhood — A Life Changing Event.   We all go through them.   Good, bad, happy or sad.   They alter our lives and make us who we are.   But the events that surround motherhood not only alter our lives, they devour us.   Motherhood changes the way we think, feel and behave.   It changes the way we live.   It changes not only who you are but what you are, until YOU are no longer YOU anymore.

Motherhood — A Roller Coaster of Emotions. From the extreme highs that make giving up yourself so amazing to the bottomless lows which can take over in an instant.   No one truly understands how such a simple sounding, vaguely defined word can consume who you are until they let it define who THEY are.

The most grueling, demanding yet astounding act a woman can encounter.

Motherhood — this simple sounding, vaguely defined word means life.

Jodi has set a goal to write a book and is on her path to achieving it!   Please visit her new blog at

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