Horoscopes for Your Three Month Outlook (Mar-May 2012)

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Identity’s astrology expert Kevin Flynn gives you insight into the next three months of your life. Read your horoscope to find out if you’ll be promoted at work, have difficulties with friends, or even gain a new love interest throughout March, April, and May. Follow the Stars and the Planets and you too may be able to find guide through your horoscope.



Birthday Poems for   March, April & May Birthdays

Pisces, where did the Sun go- do you know
Hiding in the sky with Cancer’s delights
Neptune in your sign will make those dreams grow
Create your own life for everything is bright
When blinded by the truth you become blue
For memories can become disillusionments
Pluto brings dark secrets out into view
Seek to find positive accomplishments
Jupiter moves with harmonious trines
Expanding your love of life from the past
Going forward with your heart- it is time
To smile with sweet love stories at last
Dreams can come true especially of love
Follow your Sixth Sense from the Stars above


Electric Uranus sparks changes for you
Illuminating vivid visions so very new
High voltage messages create insights
Blessings in disguise so sweetly bright
In love learn from your many dreams
Nothing is as predictable as it seems
For all your answers are not so far
Open your eyes and look to the Stars


Optimism inspires you this year
Trust your instinct- have no fear
You are surely on the road to success
So let go of all that imaginary stress
Sing songs of happy days
Create your own musical play
For your heart of gold shines
And you know the Stars are kind


Pisces (February 19 to March 20)-Happy Birthday- In March, Neptune, the planet of intuition transits your first house of self for many years, so that your   nightly dreams may now guide you to a higher level and deeper meaning of psychic understanding.   Having Jupiter in the third house of immediate environment in April, your relationships with friends and neighbors will surely expand. In May, Venus turns retrograde in your fourth house of home and family and childhood memories will dominate your everyday thoughts and feelings.

Aries (March 21 to April 19)-Happy Birthday- In   March, Mars retrogrades in your sixth house of working conditions, so get ready for delays related to work projects. As Uranus continues to transit your first house of self in April be ready for unpredictable changes in your physical and spiritual world. Having Pluto retrograde in your tenth house of work in May don’t get into any power struggles with people in authority.

Taurus (April 20 to May 20)-Happy Birthday- With Jupiter in your first house of self in March, you can do too much so just slow down and take it easy. In April having Venus in your fifth house of children enjoy sports and games with those young people in your life. In May Neptune will be transiting your tenth house of career giving you the inspiration and know how to achieve those creative projects.

Gemini (May 21 to June 20)– In March, Jupiter is in your twelfth of endings, so with renewed hope and vision you gain powerful insight to present day situations. In April Saturn is retrograde in your fifth house of children giving you the opportunity to work on issues that have been upsetting you with positive results. Venus turns retrograde in your first house of self in May, so it is time to revise those ideas to honor the real you.

Cancer (June 21 to July 22)– In March, Saturn retrogrades in the fourth house of home resulting in realistic feelings in your domestic situation.   Uranus transits your tenth house of work in April causing unpredictable power struggles with people in authority. In May Jupiter still transits your ninth house of travel, so explore those romantic places you have been dreaming of going.

Leo (July 23 to August 22)– Having Saturn retrograde in your third house of communication in March gives you the impetus to let go of those who are negatively influencing you in your daily lifestyle. Jupiter in your tenth house of career in April expands your professional good fortune. With Venus going retrograde in your eleventh house of friends in May, a friend from your past may become a romantic partner again.

Virgo (August 23 to September 22)– In March, with Mars retrograde in your first house of self, it is time to review your last few months and tie up any loose ends before you continue your journey of self-discovery. In April, Jupiter is in your ninth house of higher education. Therefore, now is the time to get those applications   out for acceptance. In May, Saturn in your second house of income will reward you with a monetary bonus for all your hard work.

Libra ( September 23 to October 23)– In March, Uranus transits your seventh house of relationships get ready for some unexpected surprises with unconventional partners. Mars goes direct in your twelfth house of secret activities in April giving you doubt about what you are doing. In May, Venus goes retrograde in second house of self-esteemed bringing old beliefs about your self-worth in question-don’t worry just listen to your intuition.

Scorpio (October 24 to November 21)– In March, having Venus in your seventh house of partners, your relationships with love ones will bring happy fun times. Mercury’s direct transit in your fifth house of creativity in April gives you the inspiration to make your current job interesting by trying something new outside the box. With Uranus in your sixth house of work in May expect an unexpected environment on the job front.

Sagittarius (November 22 to December 21)– When Venus joins transiting Jupiter in your sixth house of health in March, you will be feeling much more than you have for some time. In April, Mercury transits your fifth house of pleasurable moments, so show your enthusiasm for fun in your relationships. Mars goes direct in your tenth house of life’s work in May, so focus on your to do list and finish those incomplete items to your satisfaction.

Capricorn (November 23 to January 19)– In March, Neptune transits your third house of communication which can cause some mental confusion in your day to day routines. Venus enters your sixth house of work in April which can up lift your work environment with positive thoughts and actions. In May, Mercury transits your fifth house of romance, so express your heart and soul to that special someone.

Aquarius (January 20 to February 18)– In March with Neptune transiting your second house of money, it is time for a realistic reevaluation of your finances. Having Venus transit your fifth house of pleasurable emotions in April, your social life picks up with old and new friends. Mercury and Uranus transit your third house of short trips in May, so plan so on some surprises in communication in your everyday comings and goings.

List of Houses and Influences:

First House rules appearance, self-interest, personality, personal view of life and the world.

Second House rules finances, possessions, values, and self-esteem.

Third House rules communication, siblings, day-to-day routines and short trips.

Fourth House rules home, environment, land, property, family, roots and conditions at the end of life.

Fifth House rules love affairs, pleasurable emotions, romance, creativity and children.

Sixth House rules work environment, health, sickness and small animals or pets.

Seventh House rules business partners, marriage, relationships, contracts, lawsuits and known enemies.

Eighth House rules intimacy, death, legacies, sex, and shared resources.

Ninth House rules higher education, travel, intuition, dreams, spiritualism and philosophy.

Tenth House rules career, ambition, social status, life’s work and public reputation.

Eleventh House rules hopes and wishes, friends, groups and associations.

Twelfth House rules secret activities and enemies, unexpected troubles, subconscious feelings, hospitals, prisons, illusions and seclusion.

Always read your rising sign first if you know it. Then read your sun sign.
The combination of rising sign and sun sign will give you an accurate forecast.

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