Women Embracing Their Twenties

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Identity reached out to women in their twenties. We wanted to know what they appreciate, what they take for granted and what they love about being in their twenties. Take a look below!

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Here are a few more from women in their twenties!

I own and operate my own t-shirt brand, so I think that doing that has made me more aware of things than I would have been at this age had I been working a regular job. Having to plan retirement and savings and insurance and all of those things myself forces me to think about them. I don’t think that I would think about those things without that. I do greatly appreciate the ability to take more risk. As I move closer to my 30’s I see how certain risks become greater in importance when the added responsibilities that exist in your 30’s come into play. So I’m grateful for this time to take risks and learn the hard way. I think what I took for granted the most in my earlier 20’s was the importance of social networking. I always thought I was highly motivated and work minded so it only made sense to ignore the social activities and focus on my work. But now I realize that those social activities create bonds that you can’t recreate through Facebook or anything of that kind, it’s a lot tougher the older you get to create those true bonds. – Adrien Edwards, 28

Hi, I’m a 22 year old female recent college grad. I have never appreciate my parents more than I do now, after meeting various friends’ parents over the years and hearing stories about other people’s childhoods. I have so much appreciation for everything my parents have done for me, including raising me in a loving, safe, alcohol free environment and paying for my education. I also really appreciate all my high school friends who I am still very close with and my college friends. I really value the time I
spend with them since I don’t get to see them as much now that we are all working or continuing our education.

I also appreciate that I’m not in school right now.Sometimes I’ll just think to myself, This is so great that I’m not working on a paper right now. I think I take for granted how privileged I am and on days when I start feeling sorry for myself for whatever reason, I remind myself that I am debt free, healthy, living at my loving parents’ house rent free and a train ride away from New York City. – Anonymous

I am 22 years old and things I take for granted:

Having a good job: Not every person who gets out of college has a job available, I first realized I was taking it for granted when I ran into a friend from college who was working at the restaurant who said she was laid off after only 3 months because of the company’s financial situation.
My family and Friends: As I’m getting older I’m realizing people truly don’t live forever. I still have great family and friends to support me and I don’t think I realize that as much as I should .
My health: So -far-so-good. I believe I’m in great health (it’s what my doctor says) and I think I take it for granted . It’s probably one of the biggest blessings a person can have and I constantly overlook it.
Nice Weather! This one I’m starting to appreciate more and more since I’ve been hiking and taking walks outdoors.
Little things I appreciate:
The Kindle! I love reading, since I’m on a tight budget, the kindle allows me to buy books cheaper.
My Car (97′ Saab): After almost 200,000 miles and 15 years it’s still going strong (*knock on wood).
Disposable dental floss picks
TJ MAXX: Again, I’m on a tight budget, but I still like nice things. Win-Win
-Candice Varetoni

I’m 27, live in Boston and I’m happy to answer a few questions about my
appreciation, etc. for life’s elements during this stage/age of life.

I don’t take anything for granted; I enjoy life to the fullest, take care of
my health and invest in my future.

I appreciate the financial security of providing only for myself and not
needing to take care of others during this stage of my life.

Still, I make smart money decisions and get inspiration and advice from my
employer, BeFrugal.com, on how to spend smarter and save money.
– Anonymous

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