Daring Doer: Spark and Hustle

Identity Magazine, based in Wharton, N.J., helps women get all A’s in the game of life by accepting, appreciating and achieving within themselves and their lives.

‘Ah Ha’ moment that led to launching this business: My first corporate job in 2004 had me altering images of people’s (including my own) faces. Spending so much time distorting and reworking myself, essentially who I was–my identity–began to take its toll. I didn’t want to spend my time as a guinea pig, manipulating my then 25-year-old face, so that my company would have a “perfectly” proportioned scale to work with. I wanted to leave work feeling fulfilled, not inadequate. Hence, Identity Magazine was born.

Ideal customer: Any woman who has invested in personal development, self-help books, and reading self-help magazines or online blogs. Women who may read Oprah or Chicken Soup for the Soul also fit in our target.

First customer: I landed my first reader because they were my friends and family. Therefore, building awareness was at first from word of mouth.  My first paying client wasn’t until 2009 and it was out of the “know, like and trust” relationship.

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Our mission is to empower women to "Get All A’s in their Game of Life" by discovering their powers and transforming through Self-Acceptance, Appreciation, and Personal Achievement—through all of our content and collaborations.