Spring Cleaning Your Strength to Change

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Spring is the air and it is a time for more than cleaning out your closets.  It is a time to de-clutter your life, as well.  Alissa Okrent offers advice to help you strengthen your identity and change more than your home this Spring.

By Alissa Okrent

Oh how I love this time of year! In addition to cleaning the windows, putting away heavy jackets and wearing clothing that is lighter, it is a time to clear out internal clutter as well!

Tara Gilvar, one of the founders of BIG (Believe, Inspire, Grow) refers to my area of expertise as the ability to help someone identify and create an internal confidence checklist. This list empowers you to choose the quality of mood you wish to experience throughout your day. During this full moon cycle, what type of spring cleaning excites and energizes you?

Spring Cleaning Your Strength to Change:

Spring-cleaning and strength blend beautifully when the sun is shining. As the air breathes with warmer temperatures, our internal clock changes and allows us to clear away, which takes strength.

Inner strength may be described as an inner power that is silent and deep. It can be most recognized while in a state of contemplation, reflection, meditation, or surviving and conquering a painful circumstance. Physical strength increases by pushing the body through physical exertion.   Each of these can be considered a different tool in building your internal confidence checklist.

The stronger you feel, the more confidence you may exude.   Spring is a wonderful season to sort through old stuff (mental, physical, emotional) and choose to release, refresh your attitude, renew your commitment, reorganize how you will accomplish this and recharge yourself as you complete goals.

What do you desire to change in your life this spring?
–      Clearing out a room, closet, garage?
–      Environmental changes all around you, creating a different structure to your day, which may include more self care – mental, physical or spiritual.
–      Redefining your approach to health – creating a more structured approach to fitness and/or nutrition?
–      Experiencing personal pleasure through participating in a hobby, book club, and quiet time.
Regardless of the change you desire to make, Tony Robbins says, “The past does not equal the future.”

You can make changes if you believe you deserve them and you are willing to take action.

I hear clients share their fear of failure based on previous efforts or outcomes from their past. One powerful question to help assess this is: “What did you learn from that experience?”

I realize it may be difficult to assess or revisit a painful experience. How can you ensure that the past does not equal our future? Change your belief around a topic or person, and concrete new behaviors will grow.

When you have a belief in yourself, and you truly appreciate your value as a person, observing a circumstance from a new perspective can help distinguish the past from the present and the present from the future.   The consequence of new behavior involves stepping outside of comfortable reactions and creating new responses that will affect a new outcome. Focusing on the positive impact this change will have on your life is part of the motivation.

Think of a time when you completed something that you knew was important and you pushed yourself to completion. What feeling did you create? Exhilaration, pride, joy, motivation? When you reflect and understand what strategies motivated you, they become part of your internal confidence checklist.

Below is one of my favorite tools. See if this one helps you:  

Identify one goal you would like to accomplish in the next three months. Identify your fear and write it out. Separate the facts from the story.

Write out all the benefits and feelings you expect to experience when you accomplish this goal. As you create the vision in your mind, notice how your body responds.   Is your face smiling? Are your shoulders relaxed? Is your tummy calm?   Create the sensation of pride throughout your body.

Each day complete one small task towards that goal. Allow yourself to feel the body sensations at least once a day.   And notice your mood. What else are you aware of that is different?

Energy Intention is a program to help you align your goals, with physical sensations and responses that help you feel pride, joy and confidence. Inner strength is a decision you make to change your life.

Good luck and please feel free to email me to jump-start your spring cleaning program.

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