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I don’t believe anyone is truly inspired by one particular person, I believe it’s a combination of people at the right time and place that drives the energy and inspiration forward.

Inspiration is unpredictable. For some it may be a family member, for others it may be a song lyric. And sometimes for many, it comes at us when we least expect it, in the strangest of ways. Heddi Cundle, founder of, offers her own inspirational moments. Become more aware of your life’s inspiration and achieve your true identity.

By Heddi Cundle

I’ve been inspired by many people for my start up during various stages in building the company. These include Jordan Belfort and his quote “act as if” (i.e. when you’re not at the top, pretend like you are); Sir Richard Branson for making innovation appear effortless; Golda Meir for battling to the top against a male dominated political era; major travel successful top tier travel entrepreneurs telling me that myTab is a gem and genius business idea; Eckhart Tolle’s power of “now” method.

I don’t believe anyone is truly inspired by one particular person. I believe it’s a combination of people at the right time and place that drives the energy and inspiration forward. I may be inspired by a quote or a person, an idea or a campaign, e.g. I met a friend last eve that inspired me in a business concept related to It’s an accumulation of various elements that inspire me and when it sticks, it truly sticks (i.e. the Jordan quote, remembering to be in the “now”), the top travel entrepreneurs who told me I have a really unique business.   I keep re-living these inspiration blips because I must believe that if everyone says the business is great, then they are truly driving me to push forward knowing what I am achieving is great.

And with no ego intended, I do inspire myself because I need to drive my business upwards and acknowledge what I’ve achieved, so I can excel even further to the next level. Being self inspired is a core to success and it’s not about self-gratification. It’s based on pure logic. If I’m not inspired by what I’m achieving for my start up, how can anyone else be?

What we’re doing at myTab is absolutely changing the face of travel, breaking down the price search frustration we all go through and creating a solution with our travel gift card. It looks cutesy from the website yet to create myTab, I had to delve into the core empathy for the customer, be inspired to address this price problem of hunting for weeks trying to find a great deal and create a genius solution. No one has ever even focused that the biggest problem in travel is the price erratic behavior. It’s the worst problem in the whole industry and no one’s addressed it.

Well, we did and we have a fantastic team because of it. I need to inspire myself for each step and aim for that vision I see of  myTab as a huge corporation. I get this tenacious trait from my parents so, spinning off again, my parents constantly inspire me. From my father telling me the woes of building his business many years ago and the ups and downs, he’s lived it and made a success.

I am also inspired by the good life I have. I recently saw a homeless woman, in a wheelchair, no legs and a very sad dog. I was inspired that I do have a roof over my head, my dog is not living on the streets with me and I will never ever be on the streets. I have no idea about this woman’s background leading to the life she now has, but she was smiling and excited because it wasn’t raining and that inspired me.

Her day was saved because she wasn’t soaked. I think it’s the little stuff like that, which changes our vision and resets us to default on the basics in life that we need as inspiration. I forgot about the really big daily problems of finances and business since I focused on this woman’s own version of what inspires her. She doesn’t have major financial or business problems yet finding shelter from the rain is as important to her as me building my company and being financially secure. Its   priorities. And her priorities made mine look insignificant.

These are all the people that inspire me, a cluster of daily activities and quotes, just popping up randomly at the exact time I need a surge of inspiration. It’s amazing how timing like this happens.

Heddi answers the Identity Five!

1. What have you accepted in your life that took time, physically or mentally?

I’ve accepted that the second I launched, this was when the real work started. It’s taken a toll physically and mentally from working extreme hours. I’m used to working those hours, but to do this for your own company creates a different strain because the passion and emotional attachment is enhanced. This is my baby and I need to see it grow healthy & happy!

2. What do you appreciate about yourself and within your life?

I appreciate that I came from a good stable background, managed my finances and a combination of these have given me this amazing opportunity to know what I want to do with my life, and now I’m doing it. As a friend said recently, she was envious that I knew my life’s ambition and she’s still searching for her niche. I never thought of it this way but I love that version of an explanation.

3. What is one of your most rewarding achievements in life? What goals do you still have?

My most rewarding is moving to the U.S., having my own company and having the most incredible dog who is my lifeline. My goals include excelling on business and what I’ve already created the foundation for. I’ve laid the bricks & mortar and now it’s a case of building upwards. It’s so exciting knowing the structure is there.

4. What is your not-so-perfect way? What imperfections and quirks create your Identity?

I’m forceful and obstinate, stubborn and intimidating. I know this sounds awful but some of the most successful founders have these same ‘hard to work with’ traits. I’m not using it as justification for running riot but I do expect a great deal from people and because I’m so insanely impatient (since I work at 1000mph myself), I can push people too hard. But I’m doing it for the right reasons so I just need to meet my drive & ambition down the middle with others for a win/win. I’m getting there!

5. How would you complete the phrase I Love My…?

Dog. I love her like I’ve never loved anyone before. From the second we bumped into each other randomly at a pet store many years ago, I fell in love instantly. She’s my rock, support system and is unconditional. She’ll never know how much I rely on her so I can function. Everyone should have a pet. They’re insanely therapeutic and oozing all things good, naive and stable. My dog is my life.

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