Colon Cleanse to the Rescue

Within the last year or so I have been suffering with constipation that seemed to be getting worse over time. I came to find out that it could have been a side effect from a medication I had been taking or from an issue with my diet.

Our colon is often a part of our body in which we do not think of taking care of. But it is important to make sure our colon is cleansed. What happens when we cannot depend on our colon?  For one woman, it took trial and error to discover the colon cleanse that helped her body return to normal.

By Jane VreelandColon Cleanse

Water does really work to ease constipation. Why? Here’s my story and experience with my colon cleanse.

Within the last year or so I have been suffering with constipation that seemed to be getting worse over time. I came to find out that it could have been a side effect from a medication I had been taking or from an issue with my diet.

At first I took the most common route, which was to try over-the-counter laxatives. These laxatives only offer temporary relief and really aren’t a thorough colon cleanse. They will typically draw water from your system and cause dehydration and irritation. Also, it was always hard for me to time when to take them, which inevitably would almost always lead to an embarrassing situation.

What is a Colon Cleanse?

After discussing my plight with a friend, she suggested a product called Colon Cleanse, which you can normally find at your local health food store. Colon Cleanse is a natural laxative that uses primarily senna and psyllium as the active ingredients. This seemed to be a great alternative at the time. It helped my regularity but I found myself feeling like I needed more and more over time for the same effect, and I also felt like I was becoming dependent on it.

Finally, I sought out the examination and advice of my primary care physician. He told me that this was most likely caused from side effects of my medications and prescribed me a powdered laxative called Miralax ® that can now be found over the counter. This seemed to work sufficiently but it was so inconvenient. I had to mix it in with all of my liquids and needed a new prescription every two weeks. The doctor also recommended another prescription medication by the name of Zelnorm ® but my medical insurance would not cover this particular drug. After all of my efforts to find relief, I was starting to wonder if constipation was something I was just going to have to live with. So for a while I just continued to live with the discomfort and continued on with my only known methods: using the colon cleanse, drinking a lot of water and eating a lot of bran and other fiber enriched foods.

I had read how toxic it could be to your system to retain waste for so long, and I was really beginning to get concerned. I learned holding on to toxins causes absorption through the lymphatic system, effecting the liver and bloodstream. Even down the line, my risk for colon cancer would probably have been increased if I did not heal this condition (according to who? I’ve read that bowel issues do not increase risks for colon cancer. I’d remove this or ask her if her doctor told her this). I felt like I was holding on to unnecessary weight and was so uncomfortable with the constant bloated feeling. We women know it’s bad enough to feel bloated once a month, let alone practically everyday.

The Difference between a Colon Cleanse and a Colonic

One day, while listening to a radio show, I heard about another method of relief called a colonic. I had heard of celebrities getting them done routinely but knew little about them. All I knew was that it was a procedure in which a tube is inserted in to your rear end, and water is filtered in and out causing the internal cleansing of your colon. I had been so desperate for help that I began to seek out more information about this procedure. I asked around and researched the web for more information. Eventually I found some answers.

Colon Hydrotherapy, as it is properly termed, is a procedure used mostly by holistic practitioners. It is commonly unknown to the general population because it is considered an alternative to traditional types of remedies. Holistic doctors can sometimes fuse traditional treatments with such alternatives like herbal medicine, aromatherapy, homeopathy, acupuncture, triggerpoint therapy, chelation therapy, magnet therapy, reiki attunement, massage, yoga, and hypnotherapy. The general philosophical belief that holistic healers hold is that it is necessary to treat not just the body, but also the mind and the spirit as a whole.

I learned all about the concerns that exist around the colon. I found out that a toxic colon not only causes constipation and bloating, but can also cause other ailments as well, such as acne, allergies, arthritis, bladder problems, diarrhea, mucus, wrinkles, ear problems, fatigue, foul breath, headaches, sinusitis, and memory loss. A toxic colon can also cause even more concerning health issues, such as heart problems and liver disease. Researchers have found that most diseases, in fact, begin in the unhealthy colon. I learned that the accurate description of a colonic, or colon hydrotherapy, is really a gentle infusion of warm and temperature controlled water into the full five feet of the colon through the rectum. Colon hydrotherapy is essentially the safest way of eliminating toxic waste from the body.

Certified therapists perform the procedure in a safe and sanitary environment using sterile and disposable rectal tubes. The equipment used is FDA registered and has back flow prevention valves. When looking in to it further, I found out that it is ultimately risk free, painless, odorless, and with little to no discomfort.

I made an appointment to go in for a consultation. I was advised to start with a minimum of four sessions lasting approximately 45 minutes each. I had to do the first two within 48 hours of each other to prevent the re-absorption of toxins, and then another two in the second week. After that, one session a week is recommended for the next eight weeks. Although no promises can be made, eventually the hydrotherapy process should ultimately help the colon muscle to regain its strength and return to normal bowel functioning without straining. This was what I was banking on.

When I arrived at the office for the first time I was a bit nervous. The office was just like any other doctor’s office, except it was decorated with eastern art and there was new age music playing. I filled out some paperwork and waited to be called in. Finally, a very friendly and welcoming woman in scrubs came out to greet me and introduced herself as my therapist. She brought me back to an examination room where she first checked my blood pressure, pulse and weight. She then sat me down and asked me exactly what my concerns were. I explained my plight to her, and she agreed that I could definitely benefit from the procedure.

Besides discussing the benefits of the procedure, she also discussed with me options for supplements and additional aids that I should take on a regular basis. She stressed that I eat flax seeds as often as possible throughout the day. She explained that they contribute greatly to a healthy colon and regularity. She suggested sprinkling them on yogurt, salad, and cereal. She also suggested a product called Organic Greens, which is a powdered form of greens and plant extracts, vitamins, and nutrients. Similar products can be found in health food stores. She also recommended psyllium husk and sesame oil as lubricants for the colon. Lastly, she couldn’t stress enough the importance of water. She told me that the more water that is ingested, the better your colon health.

Now ladies, I would assume that you have been to the gynecologist at least once in your life. It’s not exactly fun and never ceases to be embarrassing, but we do it because we know its necessary for our health. If you can get through an exam at the gynecologist, you can endure the awkward feeling of a person inserting a small tube into your butt! It doesn’t hurt and it’s done as fast as you can count to 10.

After she inserted the tube she asked me to turn over on my back with my feet down, knees bent, and legs slightly apart. My head was rested on a very comfortable pillow, and she placed a sheet over me for discretion. She then attached two tubes to the piece that was inserted. One to pump water in and the other to draw the fluid back. She started to release the valve that pumps the water through the tube and into the colon. She told me to let her know when I felt like I can’t hold it anymore. It took about 12 —15 minutes for me to feel like I had to move my bowels and I started to get slight cramps but nothing intolerable.

When I gave her the go ahead she released the pressure and started draining the fluid out of my colon through a separate tube. I slowly felt the pressure reside and noticed that I could see the drainage moving throughout the filtration system on the wall. There were small pieces of feces floating by, but otherwise I could see nothing but clear water moving through. My therapist was not fazed by this, and pointed things out about what it should look like. She massaged my stomach and feet while I laid there and explained that she was stimulating the trigger points of the colon on my body. Considering the situation, I actually felt relaxed as I listened to spa music and had light conversation with my therapist. After about five times of pumping water in and out, there was still only clear fluid coming out. She explained that this is a very common circumstance during the first session.

When the session was through, she asked me to roll to my side; she removed the tube, and then asked me to go right to the bathroom. The most awkward part of the whole experience was when I looked back and saw that the tube was covered with feces as she was detaching it. As soon as I got into the bathroom and sat down I had a very intense bowel movement. I felt like a drained water balloon when I stood up! I cleaned up and got dressed and went back to the front room where my therapist was waiting to give me a cup of electrolytes to drink. She advised me to drink plenty of water and to start taking my greens and flax seed.

Each time I returned, I always met with the same therapist, which eased anxiety and became less and less awkward. By my fourth session, I knew the drill and honestly felt like my therapist was an old friend. We gabbed like we were out for coffee together and each session flew by. I also noticed that by the second and third session more waste was releasing through the filtration system and the suggested supplements seemed to be helping.

I went back for a few more sessions, and I can honestly say that I have returned to full regularity. I now move my bowels on a daily basis and with no strain at all. I have followed the long-term suggestions given to me by my therapist and as a result have been relieved of my worries, as well as constipation. I’ve even been feeling more energized and light on my feet . I continue to return monthly, and my experience remains a completely positive one.

So remember ladies, water works! It’s not just for drinking and bathing! After experiencing the benefits of colon hydrotherapy, a.k.a. colon cleanse, I would strongly recommend this procedure if you suffer from similar conditions, or if you just want a colon cleanse for good colon health.

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