My 30-Day Challenge

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Because I am on the go often working hard, just like you; I lack consistency and regimen in my life. I haven’t been disciplined since 2007 when I was taking spin class at 5:30am, and Pilates after that. I was at my healthiest, happiest and most balanced self. I want to challenge myself to get there again thanks to this the Balance Your Life, Balance the Scale book.

A 30-day challenge is the next best thing from 50 Shades of Grey. Founder of Identity Magazine, Susan Vernicek has set herself up for another challenge inspired by the up and coming book published by HarperCollins, Balance Your Life, Balance the Scale, written by Jennifer Tuma-Young.

My 30-Day Challenge

We all have those seasons. Special occasions like a wedding, prom, anniversary, or even a book that inspire us to shift our way of living, thinking, acting or even eating.   I’ve recently been inspired by the soon-to-be (at least in my eyes) bestselling book, BALANCE YOUR LIFE, BALANCE THE SCALE, written by Jennifer Tuma-Young.

30-Day Challenge

Watch out ladies, this is going to be the next “50 Shades”,   phenomenon because this book will create a movement where women will finally ditch the dieting mentality that 3 out of 4 of us have and find their true happiness and balance.

Because I am on the go and working hard often, just like you. I lack consistency and regimen in my life. I haven’t been disciplined since 2007 when I was taking spin class at 5:30 am, and Pilates after that.   I was at my healthiest, happiest, and most balanced self.   I want to challenge myself to get there again thanks to the “Balance Your Life, Balance the Scale” book.

I want to take on this challenge for many reasons.   The first is simply for that overall balance and feeling in control. I can close my eyes now and feel that amazing feeling, and glad it’s an unforgettable feeling.   The second reason is that I have a wedding June 1, 2013 to feel good at. I have a busy schedule with my career, and I have to keep up with my forever growing family.

So, I have marked my calendar already and I am starting this Friday, Sept. 14, 2012.   I actually started a few days ago, but I’ll count it as a warm up ;).

My 30-day challenge is, in order, when I get up and I will hold my Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle, guide cards. I will pick my daily card because I love this fun way to start my morning and have a guide and direction on how to approach my day.   The second part to my 30-day challenge is to complete my P90X training.   Since I miss playing soccer, this is the closest workout bringing me back to pre-season. I wish I could get on the field with my fiancé’s team, but he said no. Yup, I asked if I could just sneak on the field and train with the college girls. Ha-ha- You gotta ask, right?

The third part of my 30-day challenge is to improve my awareness of my passive aggressiveness. Gosh, I’ve had this obstacle for years! I mostly use with Rob, my fiancé. I’m not 100 percent sure why, but I think it’s because I don’t want to sound like I’m nagging.   I think that being passive aggressive is a better approach than nagging. Obviously, it’s not and I need to find the right balance in my approach.

I can pinpoint the passive aggressiveness; it’s all comments on the house, cleaning, and other non-important issues. So I know where to start.

Let’s break down my 30-day challenge:

1.      Read my morning inspiration guide cards.
2.      Workout with my daily P90X challenge.
3.      Simmer down on my passive aggressiveness with Rob.


Want to join me? What will be your 30-day challenge? Go ahead and post below! I’d love to hear and root you on!

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  • Day 2! So far so good with my 30-Day Challenge! My "guide card" today was "Will". The power of my will and actions. Determination, how perfect for day 2, right? Reminding me that I need to keep my power of will and stay focus for this challenge!

  • Day 3! Workout, check. Passive Aggressiveness towards Rob, so far so good. I haven't been stressing about the mess. LOL. I've just been stating, I've just cleaned so can we please try to keep it clean for a few days. 🙂 My guide card pick today was on the Spirit side – "As Above/As Below". I'm sure I comprehend the full meaning and fitting into my day…. It states that we can learn much about our lives by observing the dance of the cosmos. The movement of the sun and moon teaches us about the active and receptive principles at play in our world, and there is much to comprehend about the rich principles of the planets, constellations, and asteroids. If we attune to the great mystery from an archetypal perspective, we can discover much about ourselves…..

    What are your thoughts?

  • Not sure what happened to my Day 3 post…. but I am on 4! My workout video was tough this morning! My guided card is interesting today. I pulled "compassion" Be aware of your compassion towards yourself and others. Appreciate your compassion, or learn to have compassion. Depends on where you think you fall. Compassion creates a great balance in ourselves and our lives!

  • Day 5! My guided card was "Inner Strength" Which today's workout involved strength and yoga. It's so crazy how the universe sends you messages that are aligned with what is going on in life. We just have to pay attention to them. I love it and love this challenge! Can't wait for tomorrows workout and guided card 🙂 Have you decided on a challenge yet? share with me here!

  • I've completed day 6! P90x, check. Less passive aggressive comments towards Rob, check. Ha – he honestly has no clue that I even believe I make passive aggressive comments. I wish I was as laid back and calm as he is. 🙂 Last, my guided card was "Sensuality", which is awesome because I pulled that card after dancing in the shower to that old school song, "Freak Me Baby". Ha! So great! The cards states that being present in your body and being connected to your life force connects you with your sensuality. You can bring sensuality into your life with dressing, cooking, loving, etc.

    Are you embracing your sensuality?

  • Day 7! I feel awesome! Worked out and my guided card today was a TRANSFORMATION! Transformation means to literally change form. The heat of the fire to alter the raw ingredients of cooking into something delicious is one of the transformative powers of fire. Applied to life, it takes a great deal of trust to allow the transformative power of fire to take place……

  • Day 8! I feel GREAAATT! I'm starting to really get in the groove with p90x! My guided card today was "Creativity" – interesting as I head to CT tomorrow to teach the Identity 5 workshop!

    "There are many opportunities each day for your spirit's creative expression to have an outlet." – Lisa Michaels, Guide Book.

    What are your creative outlets?

  • Phew! Day 11! Okay, I have a confession, Day 9 I did not get to workout or pick a guided card because I was in the car heading to CT…then Sunday, Day 10 I did a 5k charity walk, then walked again that night.

    Now today, Day 11 I picked creativity! (I think again) I also did P90x and ouch again, but it felt good to do it!

    It was a challenge today because I have been distracted this afternoon after hearing that my dad is in the ER again…His liver count is not right, right now… so waiting to hear results and I was crying a bit during my workout with being worried.

    BUT, I did it and now my guided card says to be creative in any way I want to be… 🙂

    How are you going to be creative this week?

  • Wow, Day 14! I am almost half way through my 30-day challenge! My guided cards have been dead on! Yesterday was WILL, do I still have the WILL to keep going. It's hard because I am very distracted this week and now have to wait another week to find out what is going on with my dad… so that's difficult.

    I must keep moving forward and pushing! Today my guided card was "Divine Feminine" which states the Divine Feminine expressions give women and men a way to more deeply know themselves in connection to the divine….

    Interesting because Rob and I have had some interesting conversations the past few nights…


  • Day 17! I can't believe I am on Day 17! It's been a struggle here and there, but I am pushing through!

    My guided card today: "Beauty and Aesthetics" – This one is very interesting. I pulled the card after I went for a run outside today because it was beautiful and P90x is inside… so back to P90x tomorrow… Anyway, this topic has you reflect on natural beauty, with nature, buildings, people, etc. This kind of beauty is not based on current cultural definition. It is found in all phases of development from youth to old age, in people of all races, and in all lands. The last sentence on the card, which I love, says: You need a certain type of perception to see the natural beauty of life, (and all things within your life).

    I love it! 🙂 Do you see lots of natural beauty within you and your life?

  • DAY 19! – Gosh, I feel good, and more balanced internally. I'm really getting in the zone of taking care of myself with fitness first. I'm at the point where I WANT to make the time to workout, not I HAVE to make the time to workout. That feel good to get back into that state of mind.

    My guided card today is on "TOUCH" and here is what is states:
    Touch is gift of the physical realm. In your body, you are able to feel the ecstasy of a deep embrace, to hold the hand of a child, to touch precious food to your lips and experience taste, and to feel the ground under your feet as you walk, skip and dance.

    Are you experience and embracing TOUCH?

  • DAY 21! My guided card: Breath! The more conscious you are of your breathing and of fully filling our body with rich clean air, the more relaxed, energized, healthy, and alive you feel and are. Increasing your air intake can make a dramatic impact on your ability to think clearly and on the quality of your life.

    Pretty good one huh?

  • DAY 25 of my 30-Day Challenge…I plan to continue past this, since I am on a roll! 🙂

    Today my guided card was "Pace" – The understanding of the pace in which your life is at today, or tomorrow will allow the emotional energy that is moving through you at any given time to simply be what it is. We must learn to work within the pace of emotions.

    Basically, the pace of our lives changes daily from calm to winding to pouring rain…embrace the pace, feel the pace and leverage with the acceptance and knowledge of your current pace.

    What has been your pace?

  • Day 30! I succeeded with my 30-day challenge! Awesomeness 🙂 I feel more balanced and more in control of my overall health and daily routine.

    Today's guided card is: "desire" Get this: Your desires are the pulsation of spirit through you. Listen to your inner voice around your desires, and not the calling of the out world.

    Great thought for a Monday morning!

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