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Every one of us has a message and often we need to reach a summit to allow that message come from the inside out. For some it takes a while for the message to become clear for others they take the steps to get aligned to hear and respond to those messages. My desire is to share the message of energy with millions and how the new touch of energy, language around how energy affects daily life and to share techniques that bring more life, love, joy and financial freedom.

Healing is a process. For Sheevaun it was losing and gaining different things in her life that helped her find the healing powers that she needed.  It takes time and energy, but healing is possible.

By Sheevaun Moran

Every one of us has a message and often we need to reach a summit to allow that message come from the inside out. For some it takes a while for the message to become clear for others they take the steps to get aligned to hear and respond to those messages. My desire is to share the message of energy with millions and how the new touch of energy, language around how energy affects daily life and to share techniques that bring more life, love, joy and financial freedom.

I was thinking about what I want to share with you and I begin with a simple fact that I happen to live off a street called Summit. So every day I get to the summit to share my message with the world. Yes, it’s a bit corny but a metaphor for reaching the summit daily.

An Energetic Healing

This message I’ve been sharing with the world began when I was three, but didn’t really come out to others until several occurrences tipped my life. As many of know there are messages given along our journey and due to our internal correspondences, beliefs, energetic patterns we often hold ourselves back until the message is loud and clear. Sometimes it takes a while for that to truly sink in and that’s the journey of discovery we all must make.

I had wanted to live in California from the time I was a teen. When I finally made it here I had enough money set aside to live for 6 months and enjoy life. About a month after moving here I met a man who asked me to marry him while we were at a party. I laughed and said no but internally I knew he was “the” one. It took him two years of asking every day for me to say yes. You see I had never wanted to be married. But after the ceremony I knew I loved it. Then a little more than two years later he died suddenly in a motorcycle accident on the way home from work.

One of many things I learned from him was that life was short and he lived that way every day as if he only had a moment here. When he died I completely understood the saying “life is too short not to…” The other important thing was “don’t sweat the small stuff and everything is small stuff”. And mostly he taught me to open my heart and let as much in as possible.

Everything was gone in an instant and I was instantly lost. Then a message came from a friend of my dad’s who told me that now is the time when life opens up and to do everything that seems odd, interesting, unique and just say yes to everything. I felt there was nothing else to do so I began doing just that.

The first thing anyone wants to do, after such loss, is hide and isolate and her message kept me from doing that. Friends came over every day, people helped me to relearn how to shop and eat, and basically to live— and I was OK. That simple message that she gave me was to launch me on this path of sharing wisdom and teachings about healing energy and to help tens of thousands. It took a while for the fullness of what I’m doing to show up but the messages along the journey always start with hers to say yes and be open.

I lived my life in somewhat of a coma but did well. I got into a corporate job and helped build companies and enjoyed it as I was helping others. It became my joy to find solutions and build a company from the small start-up to something that another company would buy. The only issue was that I buried myself in it and didn’t take care of my body.

That’s when the second message arrived. This time it was in the form of a health issue. I was misdiagnosed with hemorrhoids when in fact I had a tear in my colon that was allowing the body to get poisoned by my waste. While all the turmoil of my health was happening I heard about energy and how it can heal the body. It made sense but I didn’t know what to do about it. Eventually I ended up in the emergency room and was told the issue and that they would need to keep me. Although, at the time, I was in the pharmaceutical industry I didn’t believe in drugs. I decided to leave and go home to heal myself.

Then I remembered a story my late husband had told me that salt is a purifier and that gangrene he had as a child went away after he played in the ocean all day. I decided that I needed that once I could get on a plane, which I was able to do only after the body healed.

Began the healing process with self-reflection

Sitting on my sofa for two months allowed me to think about how energy, the body, the mind and issues affect a life. Eventually I would take a class in energy and was motivated to “never” be sick because of someone else’s diagnosis again and to have the ability to stay healthy because of my knowledge. This is when I started the healing process.

I studied with a great master of energy and became one of his top 15 students in the world over hundreds of thousands. It was this work that led people to me to help them have vibrant health which then became vibrant wealth.

What was evident was that every time I worked with someone with their healing, I ended up working with them on their money issues. It also became evident that money and health were intertwined. Whether health of mind or health of body, it always affected the money coming in.

There are many people who do energy work but those who excel are those who really deepen their understanding of how energy and money impact every facet of our existence.

The gifts of energy are boundless, so as long as we learn how to harness them and utilize them in line with nature. Those miracles occur around us every minute of every day and it is all because of energy. If a plant can master it through the elements then we can too.

A body has a dynamic pattern of energy that needs to look and be set in a particular way so that vibrant health is evident. This also applies to a home and the relationships in the home. Most importantly this dynamic patterning applies to our businesses, jobs and companies.

These patterns are only as good as we are in our energy profiles. Once we learn and grow into the pattern of having the energy profile of success and abundance then that can remain and grow. It can remain and grow so long as we manage and deal with the energy that is around us and shows up through our thoughts, vibrations and others.

From the time we are children we are taught to ignore these senses and fortunately I have regained the gifts of these senses and share these through working with people and companies. You have gifts within yourself that need to be discovered and shaped and when you don’t pay attention to them they will bring you messages through turmoil and possibly pain.

My discovery of the gifts I share is that healing energy is in deep need of being explored from the non-scientific manner and that opening of as many hearts as possible allows this message to get to others more easily.

Science is good and yet we humans have inner truths that need to be revealed without the need to “prove” it through science. Let science continue its path of discovery, but let your inner being have openness and receptivity to what you know is right to do and act upon.

We have doors we see and yet do not walk through due to fear, lack of thinking, beliefs, lack of energy etc. I suggest you go up to the door that you see in front of you and at least knock. It will start the healing process and there will be much more joy and wisdom brought to you.

Sheevaun answers the Identity 5:

What have you accepted in your life that took time, physically or mentally?

That I’m incredibly demanding of myself. I’ve learned to relax and now can often be a bit too forgiving.

What do you appreciate about yourself and within your life?

I am grateful for my tenacity and my ability to take complex problems that my clients have and bring clarity and simplicity. I love that I get to see the results that my clients make and feel immensely satisfied that I am able to give back in many ways.

What is one of your most rewarding achievements in life? What goals do you still have?

I would say that one is tough to choose from, but the one that sticks out for me is being a role model for my step daughter to step beyond limits.

The goals I have are ever changing and one that I achieved recently was to be on the board of directors for an organization which is for girls self esteem. I would like to be on more boards to be of service and share my expertise at bringing clarity and profits and an uplifting attitude. Another goal I have is to have my business more automated which will allow me to give more back to the community.

What is your not-so-perfect way? What imperfections and quirks create your Identity?

Quirks are the things that can frustrate others about me but one of them is that if I have too much time on my hands I’ll start creating a new venture. I’m working on staying on one task and focus on a limited number of gifts I’m here to share with others. Also that my house has to be immaculate if I’m going away for a few days and this one makes me chuckle every time I am preparing for a trip.

How would you complete the phrase “I Love My…?”

I love my life.

Sheevaun O’Connor Moran, author and Master Energy Coach, is the founder and creator of the Energetic Solutions ® Success System and is devoted to teaching entrepreneurs and leaders deep Universal Energetic Principles with practical step-by-step “How-To’s” to live with vibrant health and wealth. http://sheevaunmoran.com

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