New Year New You: How to Use Meditation to Get What You Want

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Written by Jeannine Yoder

Are ready to embrace the new you and achieve your wildest dreams? Join author Jeannine Yoder as she shares “New Year New You: How to Use Meditation to Get What You Want.”

Written by Jeannine Yoder

painpleasure(2)I’m 4 days into my #RSVPdailyritual challenge (yes fresh off the meditation pillow) and I want to share with you what the inner guide had to say today and how I’m using meditation to get what I want:

“Do it because you want to, not because you have to”.

The messages from what I like to call “The Source” sure have gotten louder everyday I commit to stillness.

BOOM! That was what I needed this week. Because I want to? What would it feel like if I only did what I want to today?

Meditate to Get What You Want

I’m all about responding to the “invite to your life”, in fact it is my life purpose and I bring in the “dolla dolla billz” by teaching other coaches to do just that.

I’m a hypocrite. Sometimes.

The first month of 2013 I spent on cruise control and it wasn’t until 4 days ago that I took back hold of the wheel.

I’m awake.  Are you? This would be a good time to check in.

Can you believe we are already 2 months into the new year?

Have you fallen off course with your resolutions or are you still procrastinating on getting started?

I procrastinated.

That’s why I’m on the meditation pillow and I will be for the next 30 days (and beyond). I “hash tagged” #RSVPdailyritual so you can follow along with me on a journey to stay awake and in the driver seat.  So you can see how meditation will help you get what you want.

I want to invite you to actively create your day, your life, your future and the “new you” in this new year.

You can make a choice today to ACCEPT, APPRECIATE and ACHIEVE an Identity that creates the life YOU authentically desire to live by choosing stillness everyday..

The Secret Tool to Want it Every Time

Have you ever had a moment when you realize you are slugging and dreading doing something you actually LOVE to do?

Ummm, why do we go into auto pilot functioning and ignore the opportunity to adore moments of our lives?

Our Ego thinks this is a good way to protect ourselves.  Ego, go back to school and learn a new trick!   This one sucks big ones.

Life is fast and furious and it’s easy to fall into the pit of auto pilot functioning.  We stop sending in the RSVP to our best life.

I know what you’re thinking.

“Coach Jey, how do we create natural motivation?”

Simple. Pain and Pleasure.

How to use Pain and Pleasure to Get What You Want

Everything we do as humans is to avoid pain or gain pleasure.

The way we associate pain and pleasure in our minds dictates every move we make.  This brainy focus determines whether we are acting from Power or Force.

Hint: You want to act from Power and you can use this tool to do it.

2 Reasons You Take Action Naturally

  • You have hit rock bottom and it is too painful not to change
  • The pleasure you will experience as a result of your action outweighs the pain in your mind

You can use this tool right now to complete that dream, task or action you have been avoiding daily NOW:

  • Take out a piece of paper or your favorite journal and a pen
  • Fold the page in half
  • Label the left side PAIN and the right side PLEASURE
  • Write down every lingering painful idea you have about moving toward this goal and taking action
  • Write down every pleasureful thought you can think of of what could be if you take action and how it will feel
  • Take a look at the pain list and challenge every negative thought.   Why is it silly, ridiculous or just plain not true?
  • Re-frame the pain to the pleasureful opposite and list the out the pain of what will happen if you do NOT take action.   (HINT: The more you address how painful it will be if you do not take action the more motivation you will stir up within)
  • Enjoy the new found motivation to take action that is stirring up in you.

Do it Because You Want to Not Because You Have to

I decided to commit to the daily ritual challenge because I realize I am at a point in my life where if I don’t go inward I will lose everything I have worked so hard for outward.  I’ve been overworked and underpaid when it comes to love, laughter and silly moments of joy.   I love my business so I’ve been a workaholic and neglecting other things I value.

It’s not quite rock bottom but I can see how easily I could get there.

By the way, meditating is also AWESOME.

I have found a much needed love and connection to myself and balance in my career and relationships that feels so good.

When I realized I’ve been coaching all of my clients to be leaders who are awake and in charge ,while I was asleep at the wheel, I knew it was time to do the inner work.

On auto pilot I felt tired and temper tantrum nation, every time I had to teach my Mentor Masterclass for coaches or get on the line with a client.  If you know me, you know this makes no sense because I’m head over heels in love with my job, clients and business.

In meditation I discovered that I need to get back in the mindset of doing what I WANT to do because I WANT to do it.  This was a major shift in the energy of my body and business.   I’ve been so energized, inspired, connected and in love by recognizing what was at stake and taking a seat in silence each morning to do my #rsvpdailyritual.

I invite you to check in with your inner guide and the meditation pillow and the pain and pleasure you are associating to your new year, new you plan.

I know if you do, you will find the new you is within you and ready to find her voice!

I want to hear from you!

What is the pain and pleasure you are associating to embracing your new identity?   Tell me in the comments below.

Here’s to an awakened heart and the chance to choose to do what we want, because we want to today and never because we have to.   Here’s to YOU!

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Jeannine Yoder

Jeannine is a Master Life Coach and Founder of The R.S.V.P revolution is a NEW method of coaching. Young thought leaders inspire using the R.S.V.P (restore.simplify.verify.power) tools and techniques to practice response to the "Invite to YOUR Life" and fall in love with their self run business and life.

Coach Jey was featured Celebrity Life Coach on the cover story for Life & Style in the New York Times. She graduated from The American Musical Dramatic Academy and has performed on Broadway, T.V and in Film Nationwide. Jeannine has brought to life such characters as Sugar in “Some Like it Hot”, Ruby in “Dames at Sea” and Audrey in “Little Shop of Horrors.” You may recognize her from her appearance in Gossip Girl, Boardwalk Empire or other T.V features nationwide.

Jey runs a Life Masterclass training program for young aspiring coaches to awaken to their purpose and for new coaches to become experts in the wellness industry through her revolutionary coaches training program. She works one on one with clients in New York City and over the phone across the world, reaching as far as Thailand and Nigeria.

Jeannine runs a mind and body group workshop, re:Create LIVE, in New York City. She fascinates by using expressive communication to connect creative professionals to emotionally intelligent insights and in-the-know solutions for creating a thriving business and life of your own design. Her life motto is Share & Shine!

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