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Question: I am 52 years old and I am in a major battle with my waistline. Can you recommend a strategy of defense? -Linda S. / Brunswick, NJ

Fitness at your best! A workout routine is something that should be a part of every woman’s daily schedule. Whether you are lifting weights for an hour a day, or running for just 10 minutes each morning, make sure you get the most out of your workout. Crystal Gaynor works with Identity to help readers make their fitness routine ‘Crystal Clear.’

Crystal Gaynor - Fitness ExpertCrystal Gaynor, Making Fitness Crystal Clear

Question: I am 52 years old and I am in a major battle with my waistline.   Can you recommend a strategy of defense? -Linda S. / Brunswick, NJ

It takes a strategy to fight the battle of the aging waistline . Here’s a few to consider.   Exercise most days of the week for a minimum of 30 minutes. Eat frequent small meals throughout the day, and don’t forget to eat the most important meal of the day, breakfast.   Include more protein to your diet with beans, fish and lean proteins.   And hit the iron as in weight training 2-3 times per week.   Walk whenever possible, and goal for a solid eight hours of sleep.   Continue to fight the good fight, and you will come out a winner.

Question: I workout at home and I want to tone my inner thighs for the summer.   Any suggestions that are easy and doable with home equipment? -Cecile T. / Queens, NY

Answer: Here’s one that nice and simple – The Plie Squat.   You can do this exercise in your home with or without weights.   If you use a weight (dumbbell or plates) use a weight that is challenging and offers some resistance.

Stand holding the weight with both hands in the center of the body.   Just let the weight hang.   Feet are shoulder length apart, toes turned out much like second position in ballet.   Now, lower the body to a squat and returning to a standing position.   Remember to keep your back straight, chest up.   Work up to 3 sets for 12-16 reps and those inner thighs will be in shape in no time at all.

Question: I live in a small town and my gym does not have a leg press machine.   Is there another way to challenge my glutes with the equipment that we have? -Debbie K. / Pittsburg, PA

Answer: One of my favorite exercises for the glutes is the basic Step-Up.   While this exercise is simple, it is very challenging, and targets your glutes and hamstring muscles.   Locate your gym’s workout flat bench and a set of dumbbells.

Start with a light weight to get your balance and the feel of the exercise.   Holding a dumbbell in both hands, stand facing the side of the bench.   Place the right foot on top of the bench, and the left foot on the floor. Step up with the left foot, push through the right heel and stand completely on the bench with both feet.   Now return the left foot to the floor and repeat.

Do 8-10 reps on the right leg and than the same on the left.   Or you can alternate legs as you go. And be sure to control the movement during the lift and lower phase of the exercise.

Question: Help!   I do crunches, but it doesn’t seem to hit my lower abs.   Please recommend an exercise that will target my lower abs. -Mia L. / Spokane, WA

Answer: Here’s one for you to try, it’s taken from the wonderful world of Pilates.   Affectionately known as, the Mother of all sit-ups, the Teaser.   You may also hear it referred to as the V-up.

First lay down on a mat face up, legs are straight and arms are placed by your sides. While keeping the legs straight, lift the legs from the floor to a 45 degree angle while lifting your body as well.   Your arms should be parallel over your legs, fingers reaching toward the toes. Hold the position for a second or two and return to starting position.

Start with 3-5 reps for 2-3 sets.   Continue to work you way up to 6-10 reps for 2-3 sets.



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Exercise and good nutrition were always a major part of my life growing up. My mother and my grandmother were both avid gardeners and grew everything from apples to zucchini. It was not usual to ask for a snack and receive a plate of collard greens. But that is where my love for all foods green and healthy began.

I studied dance as a child and majored in Dance at Eastern Michigan University. Being in shape has always been a natural state of being for me, so deciding to become a fitness professional was an easy one.

I received the following certifications from The American Council on Exercise:

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Weight Training

In addition, I am a certified Jillian Michael “Body Shred” trainer.

I have trained hundreds of people in the New Jersey area. My client list includes celebrities, professional athletes, and men, women and children from all ages and walks of life. Practicing what I preach, you can find me working out at a neighborhood gym or walking in my local park.

I have been a contributing writer at Identity Magazine since 2010.
I was a featured model in Bobbi Brown Cosmetics’ “Pretty Powerful” beauty campaign.

My goal is to help you achieve a Crystal Clear Life, through the use of exercise, nutrition and a positive attitude. Remember to keep life simple and Crystal Clear.

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