Fifty Shades of Women’s Passion

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Written by Rachel Smith

How are you nurturing your passions outside of your defined roles? Join author Rachel Smith as she shares “Fifty Shades of Women’s Passion.

Written by Rachel Smith

Most of us are wildly aware that, as women, we are not one trick ponies. We are  leaders as much as listeners. Nurturers and bosses.  Often times we are pulled in a tension between our career and families, or in a job that doesn’t align to our values.

How are you nurturing your passions outside of your defined roles? For inspiration, I decided to seek out women who are living out their passions, and many have turned that into helping other women.

follow_your_passion-300x300In short, Fifty Shades of Women’s Passions celebrates women doing authentically passionate careers. Fifty shades of women who are living their dreams. Fifty shades of women talking to each other instead of about each other. Fifty shades of being on each others sides as women. Fifty shades of self expression through work. Fifty shades of real passion that doesn’t involve anything remotely Grey.

I’m getting inspired just sitting here typing these in no particular order (and there aren’t actually 50, its just the title). The best part is, this list is a tiny representation of women living their passion authentically. And I’d like to see more. Add someone you know, or yourself, in the comments section!

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What have you accepted in your life that took time, physically or mentally?  
I’ve accepted that I’m pretty sensitive inside and out. I have sensitive skin on the outside that matches a pretty sensitive interior as well. When I was pregnant I was so porous to everything I couldn’t hear about violence or eat red meat as it felt violent. I can’t watch really disturbing movies, or be in super chaotic environments for long without feeling frazzled and spent. I don’t even really like the hairdryer. I’ve learned that my anecdote is to snuggle under the covers with a good book in silence when I need it. I used to be more anxious when I didn’t know this about myself but over time I’ve learned that I can control it more than I’d originally thought. Recharging does me wonders!

What do you appreciate about yourself and within your life?
I appreciate that I am not what I seem on the outside and that’s perfectly fine. On the outside I seem very “mom,” “suburban,” “blond,” etc. There’s nothing wrong with those but they don’t really reflect my quirks and individuality, or what people assume I’m like when they see me. If they know me, they’d know I speak Chinese, I write dark poetry, I love electronic music, I practiced Kung Fu. If people don’t know me, they treat me like a doll or assume I drive a mini-van and watch Dr. Phil. But, I know I’m not like that. I also love meeting people who aren’t what they seem at first glance as well.

I also appreciate that I met a man who is very devoted to his family, even if it took me awhile to see that he was doing it in his own way, by achieving success in the early years of our marriage and at times being very, very absorbed in his work. He is truly a super-dad/husband. I think having a strong and capable partner to weather through life is extremely important.

What is one of your most rewarding achievements in life? What goals do you still have?  
One of my most rewarding achievements in my life was giving birth twice and now, being a mom. It’s such a great responsibility and is at times chaotic but I can’t imagine my life without my daughters. They changed me for the better and I hope I earn their love as much as I freely give mine.

My goals include writing more. Articles, or possibly a young adult book centering on some formative experiences from my teenage years. Possibly a children’s book, or a cookbook as I love all things food. Or all the above. I want to travel more internationally when my girls get older. Garden some heirloom  varieties  for cooking. I want to produce some music or own a small restaurant/pub with my husband as a retirement gig.

What is your not-so-perfect way? What imperfections and quirks create your Identity?
If you saw my kitchen or my linen closet, you’d see I’m not a neat freak. Now, I love it when everything’s in its place, but it just doesn’t take a high priority in my day to day.   There are so many more important things in life! I’ll do towel stacking and sheet folding if I have to, but if I don’t, well, I don’t. Yes, I sleep on wrinkly sheets. Maybe that’s why I love hotels so much.

I’m also highly critical of myself. As much as I am a “slacker” in the folding sheets and towels department I am neurotic at times in the self improvement department. In Confession once a Priest told me to “relax” as my penance. Enough said.

How would you complete the phrase “I Love My…?”  
I love my reflective side. It gives depth to my life, relationships and conversations.   How many times have I heard from a friend, colleague, relative “I never thought of that…” I love that I can somehow enhance their life too, by reflecting on my own.  I’m convinced if we all told our real stories more often we would all benefit.

About the author

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Rachel Smith

Rachel is a staunch advocate for women’s issues, a CASA, writer, reader, Pilates teacher, avid cook and music devotee. Having lived and worked overseas, Rachel sees life through a diverse cultural lens that doesn't always align to popular thought. She has a Boston Terrier, two daughters, and a husband who is incredibly supportive of her passions. She is an introverted thinker and finds her true voice amplified through writing after experiencing episodes of both depression and anxiety in her 20’s. She wants to help others question the norm in order to make the world a better place for themselves so they can create good in other's lives. Rachel owns Betterment Studio Pilates near Seattle, WA and works with mothers, women with pelvic floor dysfunction, and breast cancer survivors to transition to healthier relationships with their bodies from the inside out.


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