5 Movies to Watch on Thanksgiving

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Written by Lauren Delaney

What better way to spend the holidays then to cuddle up with your loved ones and watch some holiday movies. Author Lauren Delaney shares her top “5 Movies to Watch on Thanksgiving.”

What better way to spend the holidays then to cuddle up with your loved ones and watch some holiday movies. Author Lauren Delaney shares her top “5 Movies to Watch on Thanksgiving.”

Written by Lauren Delaney

I am a big-time movie lover and have favorites that I like to bust out for special occasions. Who doesn’t have a ritual classic for the holiday season or share movie memories with a best friend or husband? Here are my choices to watch after the turkey and pumpkin pie are finished on Thanksgiving. Without a doubt, they never fail to start getting me into the holiday spirit.

1. While You Were Sleeping – Sandra Bullock admires Peter Gallagher from afar and when he falls and is in a coma she accidentally fools his family into thinking she’s his fiance. It’s right before the holidays and they invite her to numerous dinners and family gatherings at their home during which she develops a crush on his brother! With Bullock’s charm, it’s the perfect love triangle to cue up while tending to some tree decorating.

5 Movies to watch on thanksgiving2. The Holiday – Heartache is the motivation for two women to swap homes and escape their daily lives. Cameron Diaz is a film producer in California and Kate Winslet is a distressed cube dweller in England who find each other on an internet site after they are wronged by the men in their lives.  They soon start to feel more at home in foreign surroundings. The countdown to Christmas is the backdrop for the new chapter in their lives.

3. The Family Stone – We all love a little family drama! Don’t we? Sarah Jessica Parker is coming home with her fiancee for Christmas and also meeting his family for the first time. Suffice it to say she does not make a good impression and hilarity ensues. I have a soft spot in my heart for this one since it was filmed right here in New Jersey.

5 movies to watch on thanksgiving4. Love, Actually – This little gem includes a huge cast of characters that are all somehow connected. Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson and Liam Neeson are just a few star in this one and there’s family drama, death, heartache and a fabulous solo of “All I Want for Christmas if You.”

5. The Family Man – Nicolas Cage lives a life that might have been if he didn’t become a wealthy and powerful executive in New York City. In his alternate reality he’s a tire salesman in the suburbs with a wife and two children. This is a heart warming tale that unfolds during right before Christmas when he realizes that he’s truly happy now that he values the important things in life.

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What have you accepted in your life that took time, physically or mentally?
Patience – and I am still working on it!

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Accepting that not being perfect is ok.

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A successful career in marketing. I would love to own my own company eventually.

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I tend to be obsessive and a perfectionist, but I’ve learned to let things unfold a little more as I’m getting older.

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I love my determination and resourcefulness. It’s come to my rescue many times!

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