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Hang on to Your Veil! We are Planning a Successful Wedding

Written by Susan Vernicek

Once we started making some calls about 15 months ahead, we were discovering that the dates that we wanted were all booked already. I thought, seriously, this far in advance and everything is booked? These brides are not messing around.

I’m fortunate to say I had such a beautiful wedding, successful wedding. So many friends, family, and my wedding venue had such an enormous impact on my dream wedding–I’ll never be able to thank them enough. I’ve provided a few helpful tips on how to plan a successful wedding and the best part about this article, there is a chance for you to win $500 off your wedding ceremony site fee! Lots of goodies below so hang on to your veil and scroll down.

In one of my personal experience articles “Engaged, Now What? Steps to Take After You Get the Ring”, I shared some initial steps that can really help you get started with your wedding planning. In this article, I dive in a little deeper on how to plan a successful wedding with the happy ending goal in mind.

To be frank, I kept my cool for the majority of the wedding planning. The only thing that initially had me a little stressed was choosing a wedding venue. Once we started making some calls about 15 months ahead, we were discovering that the dates that we wanted were all booked already. I thought, seriously, this far in advance and everything is booked? These brides are not messing around. This was the only concern of mine. In the end, it all worked out, and we had our dream wedding at thee Stroudsmoor Country Inn, winner of The Wedding Wire Couples’ Choice Award, The Knot Best of Wedding Award and ranked the #1 wedding venue in the Poconos by Resorts and Lodges.

Stroudsmoor WeddingSo how does a woman who never had the big wedding vision to begin with, plan a successful wedding? Hang on to your veil, as I’m about to share with you exactly what I did to make the pieces of my wedding day all fit together.

1. Don’t Rush: First thing to do on your list is to find your wedding venue and have a few dates in mind. Remember, off-season is usually not as expensive and same with Thursday and Friday night weddings. If you are on a budget, this is a way to shave off some of the cost. Make a list of all that you would like from your wedding venue. My husband and I wanted a venue that was an expert at weddings and had everything we needed on site. We didn’t want our guests and bridal party driving all around that weekend, which helped on choosing a wedding venue with on-site lodging. We wanted everybody to arrive that Friday and park their cars until they needed it again on Sunday afternoon. Once you have an idea of the type of venue, start researching and making calls to visit. Don’t worry about ANYTHING else until you have chosen your venue and date. It’s not worth making yourself crazy. Of course you can have fun with researching on Pinterest, but you’ll get into the fun details after you finalize your location and date.

Stroudsmoor Country Inn

2. Venue and Date Booked, What’s Next?: Now that you have your wedding venue and date booked, let the fun begin. I’m serious, have fun! It’s your wedding, don’t be a nutty bride ;). My go-to resource Pinterest and the amazing team at Stroudsmoor. I would show them my thoughts and ideas, and they would have the solution and examples almost to the exact of what I was looking for. My goal was to find my one piece of inspiration, which I share in my “Engaged, Now What?” article. My inspiration was my wedding bouquet and it was a beautiful arrangement of flowers that created a rainbow. I had shown the florist at Stroudsmoor and she nailed the proof for my wedding! Voila, that was it; my rainbow themed wedding was set. My husband and I are very optimistic, happy individuals, so I thought a rainbow theme was perfect for our summer wedding. Once I had this one piece of inspiration/focal point, the rest was easy breezy lemon squeezy (as my niece would say).

3. Don’t Procrastinate: Don’t rush, but don’t wait until the last minute either. Once I had my flowers and color scheme, I had a blast planning everything and it went quick! I was done planning months before the wedding! Know what you want, delegate when you need to, and embrace the journey. Going back to knowing what kind of wedding venue, we wanted one that really would help with the major details. Our venue, Stroudsmoor provided a built-in wedding planner – HUGE help.

Marriage4. Parents, In-Laws, and Your Soon-to-Be Hubby: I was really lucky to have such a great mother who wanted to be involved, but didn’t take over at all, and same goes with my in-laws. Everybody was so respectful and easy going. My husband was as well, and he wanted two things; a band and an open bar (with his Heineken)– which he got!

I can’t stress enough to have fun, follow your gut, be friendly to all who are assisting you, and remember why you are getting married. Don’t lose sight of the love and future you are building. Good luck and if you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below!

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