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Pet Franchise
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Written by Dan Barton

If you are looking to conquer the entrepreneur world and happen to love pets, than maybe it’s an industry to dive into.

If you are looking to conquer the entrepreneur world and happen to love pets, than maybe it’s an industry to dive into.

Pet franchises are increasing in popularity all across the country. Part of this is because more people than ever are finding creative ways to live the American Dream and be their own boss. For many, this is a rewarding way to take control of their lives once again.

Why the Pet Industry?

There are several reasons why people have jumped on the pet industry bandwagon and it is not necessarily about loving animals. A love for animals is important because you want to love the work you do, but there is much more to it than this.

The pet industry has been on the rise for over a decade. In fact the numbers have skyrocketed to the point that the projected sales for 2014 are $73 Billion. While there are other industries that consistently out perform this industry it is a much easier industry to work with as it is not as saturated as other industries and can be easier to run (depending on the franchise you go with).

What’s more is that this is an industry that has been shown to be recession proof. This means that when the economic crisis hit back in 2008, almost every industry across the board saw decreases in revenue. The pet industry not only stabilized but saw increases. This can give many prospective franchisees peace of mind when searching for the right opportunity.

The Day to Day Operations of a Pet Franchise

The operations of the franchise will vary depending on the one you choose. There are different categories of pet businesses that you can get into, such as boarding, doggie day care, retail stores and even grooming. This will significantly impact the potential revenue as well as the day to day activities of the franchise owner.

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique is a pet franchise that combines both a retail boutique with a grooming salon. However, this is not what makes this business special. What really sets this business apart is the recurring revenue model it offers. Much like a gym membership, customers pay a monthly premium to bring their dogs into the salon for unlimited bathing and brushing. From there, customers are able to add on other grooming services and can pick up their pet needs right in the boutique.

The day to day operations with a franchise such as this are predictable. You have better control over scheduling as people actually want to come in as people want to get their money’s worth out of their membership. A common misconception is that this actually costs the franchise money. The truth though is that it is a great way to bring people in the door. Since they are not paying for the bath when they come in they are more likely to buy an additional service or product for their pet.

How Involved are Franchise Owners

The involvement of the franchisee is determined by several factors. The biggest one is the size of the franchise they purchase. This is determined by several factors including the population of the local community. For smaller franchises, the owner will need to be more hands on. This does not mean they work 24/7. In fact, many franchise owners work a regular 40 hour work week, though they may need to put in a little more. For owners of larger franchises, there is a whole team that handles the business operations. This means they can work remotely if they want to. In the end the amount of time the franchisee spends in the business is completely up to them.

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I Love My Ability to Create a Supply to Help Those In Need. With the creation of Splash and Dash for Dogs, a membership based dog-bathing program that provides unlimited access to a spa-like treatments on a monthly basis, I’ve helped so many people take care of their furry loved ones at a limited expense.

About the author

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Dan Barton

He began his entrepreneurial career with a lemonade stand at a very young age. Eventually, at age 28 he became a franchise owner of World Gym Orlando. One gym became five, and eventually he was brought on board as CFO.
Segueing into the world of pets and grooming, Dan opened Hollywood Premier Pets, a grooming salon and retail pet supply store, located in Palm Desert, CA. A short time after opening, he won the “Retailer of the Year” award for Outstanding Merchandising from Pet Product News International in 2011.
Drawing upon his 15 years experience in the fitness industry and seeing the potential for a membership based dog-bathing system, Dan set out to change the pet industry with the creation of Splash and Dash for Dogs, a membership based dog-bathing program that provides unlimited access to a spa-like treatments on a monthly basis. Splash and Dash for Dogs was an overnight success at Hollywood Premier Pets.
With a newfound profit center in his shop, Dan perfected his system and took Splash and Dash for Dogs on the national stage through a licensing program, so other shop owners could benefit from his success. With a few leftover hours of free time, Dan has written his first book Stop YOUR Bitchin’ and Start Making REAL Money! The honest truth of what it takes to succeed in the Pet Industry.

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