Learning to Take Care of Yourself in the Workplace

Stay Healthy in the Workplace
Written by Christina Moore

Easy to access vending machines, celebratory luncheons, long hours, comfy chairs and a temperature controlled environment…. All common conveniences of working a desk job, yet all common culprits in the downfall of your health.

Easy to access vending machines, celebratory luncheons, long hours, comfy chairs and a temperature controlled environment…. All common conveniences of working a desk job, yet all common culprits in the downfall of your health.

No matter how you slice it, working at a desk for eight hours per day can really begin to wear on your overall health, and certainly does nothing to help with your diet and weight loss goals. Now, of course, you can’t go quit your day job with the hopes of becoming a healthier you, so you have to find ways to incorporate healthy living and exercise into your 9 to 5.

Watch What You Eat

Time is never on our side is it? Whether we’re in a rush to get the kids out the door for school or stuck juggling two major projects at once, it seems there is never enough time in the day to really enjoy a healthy meal. It’s easier to grab fast food from McDonald’s on your lunch break, or to nab a bag of Doritos from the vending machine, but easy isn’t always best.

Instead of skipping breakfast or buying a fast lunch, try incorporating healthier options into your diet. Buy some yogurt or cereal bars from the grocery store to keep on hand. These make great healthy alternatives as snacks and can be quick for those times when you need to eat on the fly. When you’re packing the kids’ lunch at night, be sure to pack an extra bag for yourself. That way you won’t feel pressured to go and grab something from a fast food joint.

Take a Look at Your Office Space

Have you ever gone home after a long day of work with an ache in your back and blurred vision? This could be the direct result of your office equipment and various practices while at work. If you have a worn down office chair, computer desk, or the like, it’s a good idea to look into purchasing a new one. If you’re not in charge of purchasing decisions, you’ll need to contact your human resource representative. They are best suited to order you new office equipment to improve your health while behind the desk.

Back Pain Tip: Are you back issues really bothering you? Realizing the health benefits of standing desk innovations could be the answer to your problems. Talk to an ergonomics representative about ordering more supportive office furniture.

Get Your Blood Flowing

Sitting for long periods of time is never a good thing. So if you’ve been sitting at your desk for an hour or more staring at a computer screen, it’s time to get up and get moving. Now, no one is saying that you need to start dancing around the office building, but the need to get the blood flowing through your body is important. Here are some great ideas on how to get the blood moving:

· Walk around the office
· Take the stairs instead of the elevator
· Park further back from the front door and walk
· Do cubicle exercises such as stretching or running in place

Know When to Take a Break

Ever work so hard that you feel drained by the end of the day? This could mean that you’re simply overworked. It is important to be familiar with your body and know your limits. If your eyes are hurting from staring at the computer screen too long, then do work that doesn’t involve the screen for a while. If you’re experiencing pain from sitting down too long, then get up and walk around. Take a break from time to time. Even if you just take five minutes to go get some coffee, do it so that your body gets a bit of rest. Breaks can also mean vacations, so if you’ve been working yourself into a hole, then you may want to schedule a vacation really soon.

By following the above advice, you are sure to see a huge difference in your health both at home and in the office. It can take time for you to adapt to these new habits, but when you’re a busy professional, finding ways to care for yourself is important. Caring for you essentially means better work performance and overall peace of mind.

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