Don’t Kill Your Roommate: 4 Tips for Peaceful Cohabitation

How to Get Along with your Roommate
Written by Abby Terlecki

Living with a roommate can be a slippery slope, especially if your roommate suffers from a social dependency (you’re her best friend forever and soul sister for life).

Differences and annoyances between roommates are to be expected. But without compromise and communication, conflict can escalate and overwhelm.

Check out the following tips to find harmony and civility with your living situation (also, make some self-evaluations, too –you may actually be the problematic roommate, so consider this your wake-up call).

Overly Attached Roommate

Living with a roommate can be a slippery slope, especially if your roommate suffers from a social dependency (you’re her best friend forever and soul sister for life). If your roommate wants to do every and anything together, you may be living with an overly attached roommate.

Need space? Make your room a “no-roommate” zone. Avoid communal spaces like the living room with wireless entertainment. You can watch your favorite shows online using your iPad and a live TV online service. Create a cozy sitting space in the corner for lounging and relaxing. If your roommate keeps intruding, maybe it’s time to have a forthright conversation about boundaries.

Inconsiderate Roommate

A kitchen stacked with week-old dirty plates. Piles of messes for days. Obnoxiously loud friends over late at night. An inconsiderate, disrespectful roommate can ruin your life. Yet, no matter how much you curse the universe at night and vent about your roommate’s abhorrent behavior, you’re still living with a monster who seemingly couldn’t care less.

Does she really not care? She may not even know a problem exists at all. Without accusation and blame, share your issues with your roommate and find common ground. Certain habits of yours could also be the bane of her existence too. If she’s defensive and unapologetic, then move out as a last resort. Cleanliness and a peaceful home are non-negotiable.

Frenemy Roommate

You moved into together because you were besties. It was the greatest decision ever! Until you were no longer besties. The dynamic of living together can steer a friendship right off course. Somewhere between Wednesday Wine Night and GNO Saturdays, your friendship started to crack. It was only a matter of time before passive-aggressive behavior and snide remarks turned you from besties into frenemies.

A frenemy is like facing a fork in the road. You can either address the underlying tension to repair your friendship or cut your losses and break up officially. Want to make it work? Open up with honesty and set some guidelines for a positive co-existence. Spend time alone and schedule plans to hang out. Include one another on activities with mutual friends, but create space or take a break from one another when needed. Don’t be afraid to terminate the friendship if it’s the only solution for a happier living situation. Becoming roommates may have actually exposed how toxic and unhealthy your friendship was at the core.

Mooching Roommate

Not only does food give us energy, but it makes us happy. And nothing is more infuriating than when your roommate finishes all your hummus or leaves a potato chip bag of just crumbs. As if it couldn’t get any worse, she uses your hair products, gets into your makeup and borrows your clothes without asking. Your personal space isn’t a store, and your belongings aren’t freebies.
Confrontation’s tough. But unless you want to keep sharing – basically everything you own – you’ll need to address it head-on. Explicitly explain what’s on and off limits. Clarify that your bedroom is your personal and private space. And as for your food, take advice from The Frisky and “make a blame-free suggestion.” Suggest you both alternate between buying house snacks, so she doesn’t keep snacking on your food and you don’t keep snacking on hers.
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