Maintain Your Vehicle Yourself: 4 Apps to Help You Achieve Just That

How to Maintain Your car
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Written by Alison Stanton

I’ve realized from one too many of these episodes, that car issues that require pulling over to the shoulder are usually preventable.

My car is broken down. I’m sitting on the side of the road. It’s already hot. There is rush-hour traffic buzzing by me and horns telling me I’m in the way, something I already know. I will be late for my 9 a.m. meeting, for which I am, of course, the presenter. The hood is open and I’m trying to figure out my next step. Who do I call – my dad, AAA, Ghostbusters?

I’ve realized from one too many of these episodes, that car issues that require pulling over to the shoulder are usually preventable. From flat tires and blowouts to oil and water top-offs, routine maintenance can help a car last longer, run smoother and get me to work on time, provided I don’t hit the snooze button too many times and manage to put on my makeup at red lights.

Fortunately, thanks to some handy car-related apps, young women everywhere, including me, can take control of much more than just the wheel. We can also get a good handle on car maintenance. Consider the following four apps:


If you have ever called around town trying to find an honest mechanic, you probably know all-too-well what a pain this can be. Thanks to the RepairPal app, you will have a good idea of what you should be paying for various repairs and maintenance issues. Just type in the kind of car you have and the repair you need, and the free app will tell you what you can expect to pay in your region. It will also suggest reputable mechanics, keep tabs on your car’s repair history, and provide one-touch access to emergency roadside assistance.


Although the pro version of the aCar app costs $5.99, it is worth every penny. After entering in the make, model and year of your vehicle, aCar will provide you with some pretty useful info about your car. If you add in your mileage and how much you just paid at the pumps, aCar will inform you how much you are paying each day to use your car. It will also predict when your next trip to the gas station will be. You can use the app to track when your car is brought in for service or repair, and it will remind you when your next oil change and other services are coming up. It’s a great way to keep on top of your car’s maintenance as well as just how costly your wheels are.


In order to have your car be as safe as possible and use fuel in the most efficient way, it’s crucial that your tires are in good shape. Driving on soft and squishy tires can not only use a lot more gas, it can also be a safety hazard. The innovative TireCheck app will allow you to check the tire pressure on your tires in an easy and fun way; and it will also show you how much money you are wasting driving on under-inflated tires. If one or two of your tires are constantly losing air, it’s probably time to replace them; instead of taking your car in for service, you can purchase your own tires from a reputable online retailer like TireBuyer and change the tires yourself. If you are not sure how to do this, download the How To Change Your Tire app or visit YouTube. Both of these options will show you in easy to follow, step-by-step instructions how to put on your new wheels. As a bonus, the app even shows you which tools you will need to get the job done, and the instructions were written with a novice tire changer in mind.

Car Care

Priced at $2.99, the Car Care app is a great way to track your mileage and keep tabs on your regular service appointments. You can also track data for more than one car, and get recommendations for each vehicle as to which type of fuel is best. You can input your mileage and cost of fuel to get a good handle on your car’s fuel economy, and the app icon will indicate with a small number how many services are past-due.

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I have learned to appreciate that I’m a good friend to people and that I’m always there for them when I need them. I think I’m still working on appreciating how stepping on Legos at 2 a.m. in bare feet just means you have happy kids in the home who enjoy playing with their toys.

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