4 Ways to Nurture Your Child’s Love of Nature

4 Ways to Nurture Your Child's Love of Nature
Written by Allison Wilkinson

If you want your children to appreciate the great outdoors, simply lead by example and provide plenty of opportunities to experience nature.

If you want to nurture your children to appreciate the great outdoors, simply lead by example and provide plenty of opportunities to experience nature.

Your little one’s curiosity will take it from there. Here are some fun, family-friendly activities to discover all of the wonder and beauty of Mother Nature:

Plant a Vegetable Garden

There’s something magical about being able to plant seeds in the ground and nurture them until they produce something that can nourish and sustain you. In addition to culturing general wonder in Mother Nature’s bounty, the act of growing your own food also helps develop a healthy appreciation of unprocessed foods. Often, even the pickiest eaters will give something new a try after spending weeks tending to the vegetables in their garden. Bring your little ones with you to the garden center to select everything you want to plant and get them a set of gardening tools. After you show the kids a few examples of proper spacing and planting techniques, let them get their hands dirty and plant on their own. Review the basics of weeding as the weeds spring up. This activity teaches patience and responsibility as the kids maintain the garden diligently and wait each week for the harvest to mature.

Go Fishing

Like gardening, fishing also requires ample patience and self-control. The waiting is worth it once they feel that tug on the line and the accompanying feeling of adrenaline and accomplishment. Teach your little ones how to bait a hook and the basics about fishing lures and the different types of bait. Start small, with afternoons of fishing at a local creek or lake, and then work up to a boating trip. You can find a local spot that rents boats or make a weekend of it and travel to a well-known fishing destination. Take the extra effort to get a boater licence, so you can operate the boat yourself instead of going on a fishing tour. This way, you can enjoy more one-on-one time with your children.

Spend the Weekend Camping

Get away from the computer, your phone and the iPad and enjoy a weekend unplugged with the family in the great outdoors. Let the kids pick out new sleeping bags and get a tent that fill fit the entire family. If you kids are older, you may even want them to have a tent of their own. Not only will this trip open their eyes to all of nature’s beauty, but it will also be a fantastic learning experience for survival skills. Before you go, create a checklist of all of the things you want to teach the kids on your camping trip to make sure you don’t forget anything. Include lessons, like how to build a fire without matches, how to protect yourself from wild animals and how to purify water for drinking.

Take a Hike

Take the road less traveled and instill a love of hiking in your children. This is an excellent opportunity to get exercise without signing your children up for yet another extracurricular activity. Find local hiking trails and keep the degree of difficulty minimal to start so you kids can walk the entire trail on their own. Allow plenty of time to hike and let them set the pace. Encourage them to point out plants and animals they recognize and ask questions to make each hike a learning experience as well.

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