DIY Mother’s Day: 7 Ways to Celebrate with Less Stress

DIY Mother's Day
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Written by Brittany Wren

Why not take the reigns and make Mother’s Day everything you want it to be?

Truth be told, the number one item on your Mother’s Day wish list is quality time with your family. Sure, you could wait and let your family plan the day for you but why not take the reigns and make the day everything you want it to be?

Here are seven ideas for how you can remove the stress of gift-giving and activity-planning from your family and plan your own perfect day with the ones you love.

1. Clean the house together

Okay, your family might not be psyched about cleaning the house, but you’ll be much happier if your nest is neat for Mother’s Day. (And if you’re happy, they’ll be happy!) Make it fun by organizing it like a game. Put together a list of tasks and promise a prize to the family member who completes the most chores in the least amount of time. Pump up the music and start a countdown. When it’s all over and the house is spotless, treat everyone to frozen yogurt.

2. Have gifts delivered

Instead of letting your family scurry for last-minute flowers and chocolate, put them at ease by choosing your own. Order a bouquet of your favorite flowers and a gourmet gift basket that’s piled high with all of your favorite indulgences. You won’t have to suffer through a box of drugstore chocolates plus you’ll have enough tasty treats to share with the family. Everyone wins!

3. Do a craft together

Let your hair down and make some great memories by making a mess together. Opt for craft projects that end in a beautiful, sturdy piece you can proudly display. Paint some terra cotta pots and plant flowers in them for your front porch. Or channel your inner Gaudi by creating a colorful mosaic paver for your garden. Don’t have the time to buy the art supplies? Go to a local pottery painting studio like Color Me Mine.

4. Pamper yourself and your family

No need to feel guilty about pampering yourself this Mother’s Day: take your family with you. Make an appointment for you and your husband to get a couple’s massage, or take your daughter to get a pedicure with you. If you have an active family, take them all for a day at the gym. Everyone can do the activity they like, and you can sneak in some quiet time in the sauna or hot tub to relax and unwind.

5. Go out to your favorite restaurant

Let’s face it: if your kids made you breakfast in bed, the eggs would be crunchy with shells, and at least one dish would end up broken. Why stress everyone out? Go out instead. Pick your favorite restaurant and make a reservation ahead of time since this is one of the busiest days of the year for brunch.

6. Plan a movie marathon

When was the last time you vegged out in front of the TV with the whole family? Unwind together by escaping into a fun adventure series that everyone can enjoy, like “National Treasure” or “Night at the Museum.” Or go retro with throwback favorites like “Star Wars” or “Back to the Future.”

7. Go on an adventure

Give your kids an afternoon of adventure by planning an activity you don’t normally do as a family. Rent tandem bikes and explore your city’s bike trails. For the lovers of mystery in your family, create a time capsule or go geocaching. Whatever you choose, take lots of pictures. Then compile a photobook on Shutterfly or Snapfish when you get home to commemorate your special adventures.

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Simplicity. Not needing to live in a big city to be entertained, or to own a new home to be comfortable.

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I love my imagination. It comes in handy when I need to solve a problem, or when I’m imagining what my house could look like in 20 years.

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