RickLin Beads Review: A Japanese Miyuki Delica Bracelet

RickLin Beads Review
Written by Susan Vernicek

I received a beautiful RickLin Beads Bracelet as a gift, which is a high quality Japanese Miyuki Delica bead and it makes for a stunning gift.

I’ve never heard of RickLin Beads and hopefully this review will get you interested to learn more!

I’m a jewelry fanatic for sure. I love to wear both funky and high-end earrings and I love lightweight bracelets that don’t damage easily–high quality. When it comes to necklaces I do love them, but feel I look better with earrings and bracelets. I also hate to have to keep adjusting my necklace so that the clasp isn’t in the front.

Bracelets can be challenging though because depending on what wrist you wear your jewelry on, using a computer mouse while wearing bracelets is annoying. Because we do so much with our hands, we are constantly banging our wrists against things, right? So, I need jewelry that can take a light beating.

I received a beautiful RickLin Beads Bracelet as a gift, which is a high quality Japanese Miyuki Delica bead and it makes for a stunning gift. I was surprised, but extremely grateful to own such a beautiful bracelet.

Brand Identity – Highlights at a Glance:
o It looks elegant and came packaged nicely.
o Love the website, very clean and pure.
o They offer a nice selection of designs which all give the feeling of elegance.

o It’s extremely lightweight and doesn’t get in the way.
o It’s versatile. I wear it alone and sometimes layer it. You can dress it up or wear it daily.
o Makes for a GREAT gift for any woman.
o It’s easy to put on by yourself, which is something my fingers always struggle with.
o It’s hand-woven, which is simply amazing.

RickLin Beads have some great designs and is a great hand-woven bracelet. My one feedback is that I didn’t see an option for size small, just medium and large.

Our Opinion:
Mine is just a tad big where it may fit a little better with a few less rows of beads. Other than that, the bracelet is beautiful.

Out of a rating scale from 1 to 5, and 5 being the best, we give RickLin an overall 4.5

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