5 Family-Friendly Activities for Backyard Fun

Backyard Kid Activities
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Written by Lauren Topor

Summer is the season of fun. From vacationing and spending time by the pool to hosting backyard barbecues and playing family-friendly games, there are countless way to enjoy the warmer months.

Need a little summer backyard activity inspiration? How about these family-friendly activities?

Summer is the season of fun. From vacationing and spending time by the pool to hosting backyard barbecues and playing family-friendly games, there are countless way to enjoy the warmer months. Need a little inspiration? Check out these family-friendly activities:

Pool Days

It’s hot out there, so there’s no better way to cool off than by taking a dip in the pool. But don’t just spend your days lounging poolside, play a game instead. Get your little swimmers working their fins with a dive-and-catch game. Pool Center has the supplies you need to play the game, which includes a set of four tropical-colored fish and mesh bags to store the catch. To play, toss the fish into the water. Without diving headfirst, instruct your kids to jump in and find the fish at the bottom of the pool. This game is not only fun, but it can help build their confidence in the water.

Game Central

It’s no secret, kids love video games. But this summer, unplug and take the gaming outside. If you have a large backyard, set up a badminton net. All you need is a birdie and some rackets to get the fun started. The game is similar to tennis and can be played in singles or in pairs. It’s played, officially, up to 21 points.

Another fun game that can be played by the whole family is cornhole. First, construct a tilted platform with a hole in the far end. Simply putting together the platforms and painting them can be its own afternoon activity. Or, you can buy a pre-made set. Round up eight beanbags, four in one color, the other four in a different color, and you’re ready to play. Take turns tossing the bags to score by getting them inside of the hole or on the platform. For the little ones, you can modify the game by moving the platforms closer together.

Neighborhood Cook-Off

Does your hubby think he’s the king of the cookout? Put his skills to the test, and host a neighborhood cookout. Challenge everyone to bring their best dish, even if they’re not planning to grill, such as a potato salad or summertime dessert. Get the kids involved and bake cookies for all of the guests prior to your event. For fun, award the winner with a new apron and grilling tools.

Movie Night With a Twist

Take your family movie night from the living room to the backyard this summer. Gather up some blankets and pillows, and set up a comfy sitting area outside. Pop some popcorn and bring some healthy snacks to munch on throughout the movie. Take a family vote on what movie to watch to make sure that everyone gets a say. Portable devices like the iPad make it easy to watch movies anywhere. Or go all out and use a projector and your DVD player to project a movie onto a white sheet for a theater-like experience.

Photography Lessons

Is your little one a budding photographer? Spend a morning outside, before it gets too hot, capturing critters and picking flowers in your backyard to photograph. All you need for this activity is a disposable camera and some imagination. After you photograph the major points of interest in your yard, let your child explore and snap a few photos all by him or herself. After the film’s developed, you and your child can take a look at the pictures and even put together a little scrapbook of his or her best shots.

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