8 Ways to Build Your Retail Brand and Generate More Sales

8 Ways to Build Retail Brand and Generate Sales
Written by Christina Moore

The statistics are true: only ten percent of all start-ups will succeed. However, knowing this shouldn’t deter you from your entrepreneurial dreams; instead, it should inspire you to want to be part of the elite ten percent.

The statistics are true: only ten percent of all start-ups will succeed. However, knowing this shouldn’t deter you from your entrepreneurial dreams; instead, it should inspire you to want to be part of the elite ten percent.

It’s no secret that the small business world is tough–opening up a brick and mortar store that offers high-quality goods and services isn’t enough to guarantee success. You have got to build your brand by constantly marketing yourself to spark a continual interest.

Build your online presence: The internet is a very powerful marketing tool that can help your little brick and mortar store become a household name. You need to design an easy to navigate, optimized website as well as complementary social pages. Also, you should use online directories to add the address, hours and phone number of your store and interact with your audience via weekly newsletters and social updates. Additionally, you should take advantage of website shopping carts to generate online sales.

Strategically design your storefront: Your storefront needs to be designed strategically so that it taps into the pleasure senses of the shoppers and they in turn make frequent purchases. Play appropriate music in the background to create a laid-back, welcoming ambiance and make sure the lighting in the store is even and bright. Place a customized end cap display  at the end of every aisle filled with valuable items that encourage interaction. Also, place enticing signage and product advertising sporadically throughout the store.

Get involved with the community: One of the best ways to increase brand awareness and to spark interest is to get involved with the community. You can sponsor events, donate goods, host events and cross promote with other businesses in the area.

Create a memorable cash out experience: First of all, your cash out counter should be big enough to host multiple goods and it should be well organized. Integrate a POS system to make checking out more streamline, and remember to be friendly with the consumers. Additionally, you should use the spaces around and behind the counter to display impulse items that may encourage last minute shopping.

Be friendly without being sales-y: Greet the shoppers when they walk into your establishment and let them know that they can come to you with any questions. Do not follow them and shove products in their faces.

Offer valuable incentives: Chances are, you are going to be competing with other businesses that offer similar products and services to your own, therefore you will need to offer valuable incentives that will inspire seekers to choose your establishment over the competition. For example, you can offer free products and deep discounts after making ten purchases, or layaway options for any bill $30 or more.

Give away promotional items: Giving away useful items with your logo, address and website on it is a foolproof method to building your brand. Items such as branded keychains, bumper stickers, flashlights, and pens are among the most popular.

Keep the store organized: Disorganization and clutter are massive deterrents, therefore it is important to always keep your storefront looking good and smelling good. Shoppers will come in and mess things up – this is inevitable for all retail shops, so one of your many jobs as the shop owner is to continuously scan the aisles of your store and keep things tidy.

Keep in mind that in order to stay fresh and encourage new visitors you will have to constantly rebrand both your online presence and your storefront at least once every two years.  Rebranding simply means to update and rearrange – you can do this by introducing new products and services, update shelving and revamping the website. Being a successful entrepreneur is the dream of many people all over the world, you owe it to yourself to give it your best shot and be a part of the successful ten percent.

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Going back to school and also choosing to work for myself.

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My work ethic and the determination I’ve had throughout my professional career.

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Achieving my education at an accelerated pace. Start a family!

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I can be a a little too worrisome sometimes and cause myself to become stressed out.

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