Thank you Pain, You Have Led to my Happiness

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Written by Michele Wroblewski

All the ones that have wronged me, all of the actions that have led to the formation of grief, stress, and pain. This is my expression of gratitude to those who have broken my heart in the worst ways possible, who have bruised my ego and have left internal remnants of injury, scars.

Not everyone will  like the choices you make, but they are yours and yours alone to make.

You may be scared to face what is ahead, but it is about time you take control of your fate. If you are true to yourself, without the concern of what others felt, that is when you will know exactly where you belong. So now it is time to make these declarations come to life, by putting them into song…..

I give my thanks, to the ones who gave me pain, as I stand out, in the street and feel the rain. The cold, quick drops, hit my inner core. For the day you left, was the day that I began, to find my way once more. Once more.

I had my shot, at a new beginning now. This is the time, that I stand tall, I deserve that bow. For this is the end of that sad drawn out show, but you gave me a reason and what I have come to know.

That this little girl is no longer so small, she grew wings, the moment she began to sing, her true song. It is ringing louder than before. She spread her wings the day she said no more. Now it is your turn to watch her soar. Once more.

Be the bird and soar.

Be the bird and soar.

Watch me fly, but please dont try to catch me. You’ll learn in time that my feelings no longer possess me.

For I am now the one who smiles in the face of pain. For I know I deserve the happiness I am about to gain by saying no more. No more. No more. I found I no longer hesitate when saying goodbye to what does not serve my purpose, once more. And my path became so clear, when I laid my worries in their grave.

Put your fears to rest.

Put your fears to rest.

I chose what drives my inner soul, when I chose to no longer lie; that life was driving me insane.

It was then that I asked myself..

Who do you want to be?

Where do you begin to see yourself,

as the years pass us by at the speed of light?

Where do you want go, do you want to fly or soar?

Where do you want to be? I said stronger than before, stronger than before.

I want to be stronger than before.

Who do you want to be?

Who do you want to be?


This is my thank you to…

All the ones that have wronged me, all of the actions that have led to the formation of grief, stress, and pain.  This is my expression of gratitude to those who have broken my heart in the worst ways possible, who have bruised my ego and have left internal remnants of injury, scars.  I write to the experiences that have shattered my vision of what I always thought my dreams to be, to the ones that have shown that the world I created in my head will indeed never exist, for it was never even a possibility.

I thank the people who tore my heart out, who criticized my every move, and who made me feel inferior.  I thank the experiences that made me want to run and hide, that made me break down and cry, and that made me feel tremendous amounts of fear and uncertainty, a sense of instability.

I thank these experiences, because it has led me to pursue a path that I could never have conjured in my vision, on my own.  Thank you pain, for you have forced me to find a way to erase you when I decided it was time to obliterate you from my life.  This was the day I truly took control of my destiny, when I decided this is my life, and it is time to brave.

Fill the empty pages with action..

I stare at a blank page,

wondering what to write in order to change the direction of my fate,

hoping the words will flow with ease,

in order to provide what I need.

I will find the answers in time,

if I learn to trust in my own life,

and live with the hand I am dealt.

Learn to cope with all of the feelings felt.

What I would give to reach  the light at the end of the tunnel,

yet I must  continue on and follow,

the light that shines at the corner of my eye.

Sometimes the light is found not at the end of the tunnel, but within it.  We must will ourselves to see it.

Sometimes the light is found not at the end of the tunnel, but within it. We must will ourselves to see it.

I must go.

To find the lessons that I am meant to learn,

so I can grow and as I seek,

I will find where I am meant to be.

I will find where I am meant to be.

The light is getting closer now,

I can feel it, as it warms the surface, and reaches the veins,

through which my soul remains,

as it moves to reach the tips to where the power lays

through my fingers, I can type through the night.

For the words forever will echo what my inner being cries out for.

A life lived for others is a life of insanity..

A life lived for others is a life of insanity..

Echos create screams, as they repeat, a life lived for someone else is a life of insanity.

Seek change when you feel that you can take it no longer,

for we are not created to cower in fear, yet we seem to hide when we are so near

where we are meant to go.

Right when your heart begins to pound out of your chest, at the thought of tomorrow’s beginning

That is when you know, my dear, you are right where you need to be.

As you travel through time, ensure you leave an impression on those you encounter,

but never give too much, because you have finally found her.

All of those years of searching, all of those years of pain,

all of those years you were left, standing in the pouring rain. You finally found the girl you want to be.

You can now say with pride, that girl is me.

You are not bullet proof, nor should you be expected to be,

so grasp your troubles in your fist, and face your palms up, to the sky,

let the vision you once treasured, pass you by

in the wind.

Learn to trust in, your heart, and in your mind.

For your heart is the only home that you need to abide

to the answers that it provides.

And as you grow from this little girl, into the person you are meant to be,

you must remember.

Others will try to tear you down, just when you are starting to be found.

But you gotta get back up.

When you stumble your dreams will show you the way.

When your lost, your soul will see you through the haze.

For time will erase your loss, if you want it to.

You just need to seek and begin to find your new.

Every mistake is a mistake that we all must make, to sometimes find where we were meant to be all along.

Our passion is our home.

Our passion is our home.

We may not know it now, but in our so called mistakes, that is where our passion is always found.

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1. What have you accepted within your life, physically and/or mentally? What are you still working on accepting?

Getting what you want from life takes TIME.  Life can change at a moments notice, however it is what you do up to that change that enables you to reach the point at which you are able to accept the opportunity that is coming your way.

2. What have you learn to appreciate about yourself and/or within your life, physically and mentally? What are you still working on to appreciate?

I appreciate my positivity; I will never allow circumstance to dictate my happiness.

3. What is one of your most rewarding achievements in life? What makes YOU most proud? What goals and dreams do you still have?

I  am my unique self 100% of the time…I am not afraid to live out loud in my own skin.

4. We all have imperfections, so we think. The truth–we are all perfectly imperfect. What are your not-so-perfect ways? What imperfections and quirks create who you are–your Identity?

I am impatient when it comes to receiving that perfect something; I work up until the very last second and give my all, which can become a problem when I lose the ability to remain mindful of what I already have.

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I love my big heart, and nothing in life will inhibit my capacity to love.

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Michele Wroblewski

Michele Wroblewski is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist working as an outpatient clinical dietitian at Caruso Physical Therapy and Nutrition in Allentown, NJ, as well as a health coach for a virtual lifestyle change program with a weight loss component. Michele’s passion in life is to help people help themselves. She is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist granted by the Commission of Dietetic Registration, and is currently a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She is a Summa Cum Laude graduate with a Bachelor’s of Science, majoring in Nutrition and Dietetics from Marywood University in 2014, where she received the Norman T. Shaffer Medal for Nutrition upon graduation. Michele graduated from the Coordinated Program at Marywood University, where she completed her Dietetic Internship at various locations throughout the state of Pennsylvania. She is a member of both the honor society of her graduating class, Delta Epsilon Sigma, and the National Dietetic Honor’s Society, Kappa Omicron Nu. Michele provides medical nutrition therapy for chronic and acute disease states and weight loss counseling for all ages. Michele has worked as a public health nutritionist, with concentrations in maternal, child, and infant nutrition, clinical nutrition, as well as general wellness, fitness, and sports nutrition. She believes in an individualized approach to achieving wellness goals and feels it is a combination of body, mind, and spirit that creates overall health. She is also a Zumba Basic I, Zumba Toning, Strong by Zumba, Zumba Kids & Zumba Kids Jr. Instructor, and a ZIN Network Member since 2011. Michele is also an AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor. In addition to performing for local yoga classes, town fairs, and charity events, she has performed original speeches with poetry/music at the "Bold Her Conference" Summer 2014, and at "Biz 360 Conference" in Fairfield, NJ Fall 2014, and “Identity Live” Conference in June 2016. Her primary goal for life is to inspire others as much as they inspire her. It is with hard work, dedication, and passion that one can overcome any obstacle in life. She aims to show people that although painstaking to endure, challenges faced in life should be received in gratitude, for they produce the powerful product of a strong, independent, and self confident individual that is prepared to face the world.